Does A Lack Of Sleep Stunt Hair Growth? Refinery 29 ask the experts

lack of sleep hair growthThere are lots of factors that can stop your hair from growing as long and luscious as you’d like, from overusing heated styling tools like straighteners and curlers, to dryness caused by the environment and, of course, split ends. But how many of us have thought about the amount of sleep we’re getting and whether a lack of it can impact our hair?


R29 put this to Guy Parsons, expert trichologist and founder of My Hair Doctor. “As soon as one is experiencing poor sleep, it is fair to say the body is not functioning or preparing itself on a daily basis to a normal level, and as a non-essential tissue, hair is the last priority of the body.” He added: “Sleep plays an important role in allowing the body to repair and regenerate, which includes the promotion of hair growth. Regeneration includes the body’s turnover of cells and creating and regenerating new cells, all of which are essential to hair growth and can be greatly inhibited by sleep deprivation.”