Anti-dandruff AD – help to reduce the formation of dandruff flakes
Antioxidants AO – inhibits oxidization or deteriation in living substances
Anti-septics AP – prevents growth of disease causing micro organisms
Anti-statics AS – prevents the build up of static electricity
Astringents A – shrinks or reduces body tissues
Botanicals BO – substance obtained from a plant
Buffers BF – substance resisting pH change
Carriers CR – carry active ingredients in a solution
Chelator CH –bonding agent froming a water soluble complex
Conditioners CO – agent that improves the condition of hair & skin
Coupling Agents CA – provides a chemical bond between 2 dissimilar agents
Denaturants DN– make alcohol products unfir to consume
Deodorants DO – used to hide unpleasant aromas
Detergents DT – cleansing agent attracting dirt & oil
Dispersants DS – helps ingredients to disperse or dissolve
Emollients EL – help to smoothe and soften in hair & skin
Emulsifiers ES – works to mix oils and waters together in a liquid
Film Formers FF – adhere to hair once a particular liquid has evaporated
Fixatives FX – aid in fragrance and slow down evaporation
Foaming Agents FA – allow lathers to be formed, to remove dirt and oil
Gellants GE – used for thickening in styling products
Glossers GL – add gloss and shine to hair and promote a smother feel
Humectants HU – absorb and hold water and retain moisture in products
Lubricants LU – used to smoothe, add shine and reduce friction or static
Moisturizers MO – used for softness and smoothness and increase moisture
Opacifiers OP – non-performance ingredient to make others appear thicker
Pearlants PE – assist in making a richer creamier feel to liquids & creams
Plasticizers PL – give flexibility and softness to film forming ingredients
Preservatives PR – controls and slows the growth of micro-organisms
Propellants PP – used in mousses and sprays notably aerosols
Proteins PT – used to add strength to the shaft of the hair

Resins RS – used to coat the hair and found in gels and sprays
Silicones SI – water resistants, that smoothe and protect hair surface
Solvents SO – used to dissolve or break down other ingredients

Stabilizers SB – hold two liquids together that wish to separate
Stimulants ST – used to invigorate or speed up a reaction
Sunscreens SS – to protect the hair from damage and colour fade
Surfactants SF – assist different ionic ingredients to interact
Suspending Agents SA – assist in the non-separation of ingredients
Thickeners TK – used to thicken a liquid or creme
Thixotropes TX – assist thicker liquids to leave a container
Vegetable Oils VA – olive oil, sunflower etc used to benefit the hair
Vitamins VT – better eaten, with little evidence to benefit the hair shaft
Waxes WX – used as forms of emollients from time to time
Wetting Agents WA – take more water to an area – they are surface acting

1-Docosanol EL TK

1 Lysine lauryl methionine AD

2-Bromo–2-nitropropane–1,3-diol AD AP PR

2-Butyl octanol EL

2-Ethylhexyl hexamdecanoate EL

2-Ethylhexyl isostearate EL SO

2-Octyldodecyl alcohol ES

2-Octyldodecyl erucate EL

2-Octyldodecyl lactate EL

2-Octyldodecyl oleate EL

2-Octyldodecyl ricinoleate EL

2-Phenyl-benzimidazole–5-sulfonic acid SS

3-Benzylidene camphor SS

3-Methyl–1,3-butanediol EL

4-Isopropyl dibenzoyl methane SS

4-Methyl benzenesulfonamide RS

4-Methylbenzylidene camphor SS

5-Bromo–5-nitro–1,3-dioxane PR

7-Ethyl bicyclooxazolidine PR



Abietic acid DO

Acacia gum (Acacia ssp.) BO

Acetamide MEA AS CO HU

Acetamido propyl trimonium chloride AS MO

Aceyl tributyl citrate PL

Acetyl triethyl citrate PL

Acetylated glycol stearate EL

Acetylated hydrogenated lanolin EL

Acetylated hydrogenated lard glyceride EL ES

Acetylated hydrogenated vegetable glyceride EL ES

Acetylated lanolin EL FF

Acetylated lanolin alcohol EL

Acetylated lard glyceride EL

Acetylated palm kernel glycerides EL

Acrylates C10-C30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer TK

Acrylates copolymer TK

Acrylates-stearate–50 acrylate copolymer TK

Acrylates-VA crosspolymer SB TK

Acrylates / steareth–20 methacrylate copolymer TK

Acrylic acid / acrylonitrogens copolymer ES GE TK

Adenosine phosphate HU

Adenosine triphosphate MO

Agar GE

Agromony extract (Agrimonia eupatoria L.) BO

Albumen PT

Alcohol PR

Alfalfa extract BO

Algae extract BO MO

Algae extract (Fucus vesiculosus) MO

Algae extract (Laminaria spp.) BO

Algin GE SA TK

Alkyl dimethyl betaine AS SF

Alkylated polycincylpyrrolidone FF

Alkylated polyvinylpyrrolidone DS

Alkyldimethylamine oxide FA SB SF

Allantoin acetyl methionine AD

Allantoin glycyrrhetinic acid AD

Allantoin polygalacturonic acid AD

Aloe BO MO

Aloe vera extracts BO MO

Aloe vera gel, condensed BO MO

Aloe vera gel, decolorized BO MO

Aloe vera gel, food grade BO MO

Aloe vera gel freeze-dried powder MO

Alpine Veronica extract (Veronica alpina) BO

Althea extract (Althea officinalis) BO

Aluminium citrate A

Aluminium distearate GE

Aluminium lactate A

Aluminium magnesium hydroxystearate EL TK

Aluminium PCA AP

Aluminium salt octenyl succinate LU

Aluminium tristearate GE

Amino bispropyl dimethicone SI

Ammonium acrylates-acrylonitrogens copolymer FF GE TK

Ammonium alginate TK

Ammonium C12–15 alkyl sulfate SF

Ammonium cocoyl sarcosinate SF

Ammonium crylates acrylonitrogens copolymer ES

Ammonium iodide AD

Ammonium laureth sulfate DT FA SF

Ammonium laureth–5 sulfate FA SF

Ammonium laureth–12 sulfate FA SF

Ammonium lauroyl sarcosinate SF

Ammonium lauryl sulfate DT FA

Ammonium lauryl sulfosuccinate FA SF

Ammonium myreth sulfate FA SF

Ammonium nonoxynol 4 sulfate FA SF

Amniotic fluid MO


Amodimethicone LU SI

AMP-isostearoyl hydrolyzed soy protein EL

AMPD isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen PL

Angelica extract BO

Anise extract BO

Annatto extract AD SS

Apple extract BO

Apricot extract BO

Apricot kernel extract BO

Apricot kernel oil CO EL

Arachidyl alcohol ES TK

Arachidyl behenate EL

Argana oil EL SS

Arginine CR

Arnica extract (Arnica montana L.) BO

Artichoke extract BO

Asafoetida extract BO

Ascorbic acid AO

Ascorbyl oleate AO

Astragalus sinicus extract A

Atelocollagen MO HUPT

Avens extract BO

Avocado extract BO

Avocado oil EL MO

Avocado oil ethyl ester EL

Avocado oil unsaponifiables EL



Babassu oil EL

Babassuamidopropalkonium chloride FA

Babassuamidopropyl betaine FA

Babassuamidopropylamine oxide FA

Balm mint extract BO

Balm mint oil BO

Banana extract BO

Barium sulfate OP

Barley extract BO

Basil extract BO

Batyl isostearate EL

Batyl stearate EL

Bay laurel extract BO

Bayberry wax WX

Bearberry extract BO

Bee pollen extract BO

Beeswax ES

Beet extract BO

Behenalkonium chloride CO

Behenamidopropyl dihydroxypropyl dimonium chloride CO EL ES

Behenamidopropyl PG dimonium chloride CO

Behenamidopropyldimethylamine behenate CO

Behenamine oxide CO FA

Beheneth–5 ES

Beheneth–10 ES

Beheneth–20 ES

Beheneth–30 ES

Behenic acid ES GE TK

Behenoxy dimethicone SI EL WX

Behenoyl PG trimonium chloride CO

Behentrimonium chloride CO

Behenyl alcohol EL TK

Behenyl behenate EL TK

Behenyl betaine CO ES

Behenyl erucate EL

Behenyl isostearate EL

Behenylamidopropyl dimethylamine behenate CO

Behenylamidopropyl ethyl dimonium ethyl sulfate AS CO

Bentonite SA TK TX

Benzalkonium chloride AD AP

Benzoic acid PR

Benzophenone–1 SS

Benzophenone–2 SS

Benzophenone–3 SS

Benzophenone–4 SS

Benzophenone–6 SS

Benzophenone–8 SS

Benzophenone–9 SS

Benzophenone–11 SS

Benzophenone–12 SS

Benzyl laurate EL

Benzylparaben PR

Benzyltrimonium hydrolyzed collagen CO



Bilberry extract (Vaccinium mirtyllius L.) BO

Bioflavanoids BO

Birch leaf extract (Betula spp.) BO

Birchtree extract (Betula alba L.) BO

a-Bisabolol AD bis-Diglyceryl-caprylate-caprate-isostearate-hydroxystearate-adipate EL

Bismuth oxychloride, coated mica PE

Bismuth oxychloride PE

Bitter orange extract BO

Bitter orange flowers extract BO

Bitter orange peel extract BO

Black cohosh extract BO

Blackcurrant extract BO

Black henna extract BO

Black walnut extract BO

Bladderwrack extract (Fucus vesiculosus L.) BO

Borage extract BO

Borage seed oil (Borago officinalis) EL

Boron nitride LU

Botanical extracts BO

Brain extract EL

Brazil nut oil EL MO

Bromochlorophene AD

Brucine sulfate DN

Buckthorn extract BO

Burdock extract (Arctium majus) BO

Burnet extract BO

Butane PP

Butcherbroom extract (Ruscus aculeatus L.) BO

Butyl acetate SO

Butyl methoxydibenzoyl-methane SS

Butyl myristate EL SO

Butyl oleate EL

Butyl paraben sodium PR

Butyl stearate EL SO

Butylene glycol SO

Butyloctyl oleate EL

Butylparaben PR



C9–11 isoparaffin SO

C10–11 isoparaffin SO

C10–13 isoparaffin SO

C10–18 triglycerides EL

C10–30 cholestrollanosterol esters EL MO

C11–15 pareth–9 SF

C11–15 pareth–12 SF

C11–15 pareth–20 SF

C11–15 pareth–30 SF

C11–15 pareth–40 SF

C12 pareth carboxylic acid SF

C12–13 alcohols EL

C12–13 pareth sulfate SF

C12–13 pareth–3 ES

C12–13 pareth–4 ES

C12–13 pareth–9 ES

C12–13 pareth–23 ES

C12–15 alcohols TK

C12–15 alcohols octanoate EL

C12–15 alkyl benzoate EL SS

C12–15 alkyl lactate EL

C12–15 linear alcohols 2-ethyl-hexaonate EL

C12–15 pareth–12 SF

C12–16 alcohols EL OP TK

C12–18 triglycerides EL

C12-C20 acid PEG–8 ester ES

C14–15 alcohols EL

C14–15 pareth–8 carboxylic acid SF

C16–18 pareth–3 ES

C16–18 pareth–5.5 ES

C16–18 pareth–13 ES

C16–18 pareth–19 ES

C18–36 acid TK

C18–36 acid glycol ester TK

C18–36 acidtriglyceride TK

C20–40 alcohol ethocylate SF

C20–40 alcohols DS

C30–50 alcohol ethocylate SF

C30–50 alcohols DS

C40–60 alcohol ethocylate SF

C40–60 alcohols DS

Cabbage rose extract BO

Calcium alginate GE SA SB TK

Calcium carrageenan TK

Calcium disodium EDTA CH

Calcium dodecylbenzene sulfonate ES SF

Calcium laurate SF

Calcium protein complex ES MO

Calcium stearate LU

Calcium stearoyl lactylate ES HU

Calendula extract (Calendula officinalis L.) BO

Calendula oil VA

Camellia oil (Camellia japonica) EL GL

Candelilla wax WX

Canola oil EL

Canolamidopropyl betaine CO

Caper extract BO

Capramide DEA CO DT ES

Capryl caprylylglucoside FA

Caprylic alcohol SO TK

Caprylic-capric acid ES

Caprylic-capric glycerides ES

Caprylic-capric truglyceride PEG–4 esters RA

Caprylic-capric-lauric triglyceride CO

Caprylic-capric-linoleic triglyceride EL

Caprylic-capric-oleis triglycerides CR

Caprylic-capric-stearic triglyceride EL

Caprylic-capric-succinic triglyceride EL

Caprylic-capric-triglyceride EL

Caprylic-capric-triglyceride PEG–4 esters EL

Capryloamphogylcinate AP FA

Capryloyl collagen amino acids AD

Capryloyl glycine AD

Capryloyl keratin amino acids AD

Caprylyl pyrrolidone CO FA

Capiscum extract BO ST

Capiscum oleoresin (Capiscum frutescens L.) BO EL

Captan AD

Carageenan extract BO

Caraway seed extract BO

Carbomer TK

Carboxymethyl hydroxyethyl-cellulose TK

Carnauba wax WX

Carrageenan BO GE TK

Carrageenan extract (Chondrus crispus) MO

Carrot extract (Daucus carota L. var. Sativa) BO

Carrot oil BO

Cashew oil EL MO

Castor oil, ethoxylated ES

Castor oil DS EL SO

Cebadilla extract BO

Celandine extract BO

Cellulose TK

Cellulose gum SA TK

Ceresin wax GE WX

Cetalkonium chloride ES WA

Cetearalkonium chloride CO

Ceteareth–2 ES

Ceteareth–2 phosphate ES SF

Ceteareth–4 ES

Ceteareth–5 ES

Ceteareth–5 phosphate ES SF

Ceteareth–6 ES

Ceteareth–8 ES

Ceteareth–10 ES

Ceteareth–10 phosphate ES SF

Ceteareth–11 ES

Ceteareth–12 ES

Ceteareth–15 ES

Ceteareth–17 ES

Ceteareth–20 ES

Ceteareth–25 ES

Ceteareth–27 ES

Ceteareth–29 ES

Ceteareth–30 ES

Ceteareth–34 ES

Cetearyl alcohol ES TK

Cetearyl behenate EL TK

Cetearyl candelillate EL GE

Cetearyl glucoside ES

Cetearyl isononanoate EL

Cetearyl octanoate EL OP SO TK

Cetearyl palmitate EL

Cetearyl stearate EL TK

Ceteth–2 ES

Ceteth–4 ES

Ceteth–6 ES

Ceteth–10 EL ES

Ceteth–12 ES

Ceteth–13 ES

Ceteth–16 ES

Ceteth–20 ES

Ceteth–25 ES

Ceteth–30 ES

Ceteth–33 ES

Cetethyldimonium bromide AD ES

Cetethylmorphonlinium ethosulfate AS

Cetoleth–25 ES

Cetostearyl stearate EL TK

Cetrimonium bromide CO PR

Cetrimonium chloride AS

Cetyl acetate EL

Cetyl alcohol EL TK

Cetyl betaine FA SF

Cetyl C12–15 pareth–9 carboxylate EL

Cetyl caprylate EL

Cetyl dimethicone WX

Cetyl dimethicone copolyol ES

Cetyl esters EL

Cetyl hydroxyethylcellulose SA TK

Cetyl isooctanoate WX

Cetyl lactate EL

Cetyl myristate EL

Cetyl octanoate EL

Cetyl oleate EL

Cetyl palmitate EL TK

Cetyl phosphate ES SF

Cetyl PPG–2 isodeceth–7

carboxylate EL

Cetyl pyridinium chloride AD

Cetyl ricinoleate EL

Cetyl stearate EL

Cetyl stearyl octanoate EL

Chamomile extract, English (Anthemis nobilis) BO

Chamomile extract, German (Matricaria

chamomila) BO

Chamomile oil, English (Anthemis nobilis) BO

Chaulmoogra oil VA

Cherry pit oil EL

Chia oil (Salvia hispanica) EL MO

Chitin, partially deacetylated FF HU

Chitin AS MO

Chitosan AS MO

Chitosan lactate FF

Chitosan PCA CO MO HU

Chlorhexidine AD

Chlorhexidine diacetate AD

Chlorhexidine digluconate AD

Chlorhexidine dihydrochloride AD

Chlorobutanol SO

Chlorophyllin copper complex DO

Chlorothymol AD

Chloroxylenol AD PR

Chlorphenesin AD PR

Cholecalciferol VT

Cholestric esters EL MO

Cholesterol EL ES MO

Cholesteryl hydroxy stearate EL

Cholesteryl stearate EL

Choleth–10 ES

Choleth–15 ES

Choleth–24 EL ES

Chondriotin sulfate MO

Cinchona extract (Cinchona spp.) BO

Cinquefoil extract BO

Citric acid CO

Citroflavonoid, water soluble BO

Citron oil AD

Citrus bioflavonoid complex BO

Clove oil AP

Clover blossom extract BO

Cloves extract BO

Cocamide FA TK

Cocamide DEA ES FA

Cocamide MEA FA TK

Cocamide MIPA FA RA TK

Cocamidopropyl betaine, potassium salt SF

Cocamidopropyl betaine FA

Cocamidopropyl betaine ammonium salt SF

Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen CO

Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine CO ES FA

Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine actate DT

Cocamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate CO FA SB

Cocamidopropyl ethyl dimonium ethosulfate AS CO

Cocamidopropyl hydroxy sultaine, ammonium salt SF

Cocamidopropyl hydroxy sultaine FA

Cocamidopropyl hydroxyl sultaine FA

Cocamidopropyl lauryl ether FA OP

Cocamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride CO EL

Cocamidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate CO ES

Cocamidopropylamine oxide FA SF TK

Cocamidopropyldimonium hydroxypropylamino collagen CO

Cocamine ES

Cocamine oxide FA SB

Coceth–7 carboxylic acid AD ES LU

Cocomorpohline oxide CO

Coco rapeseedate EL TK

Coco-betaine FA TK

Coco-caprylate-caprate EL

Coco-hydrolyzed animal protein PT

Coco-hydrolyzed soy protein EL SF

Coco-oleamidopropyl betaine CO FA TK

Cocoa butter EL

Cocoamphodiacetate lauryl sulfate SF

Cocoamphodiacetate lauryl-laureth sulfate SF

Cocoamphodiacetate trideceth sulfate SF

Cocoamphodipropionate acid WA

Cocoamphoglycinate DT FA

Cocodimethyl betaine DT FA

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen CO PT

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed hair keratin CO

Cocodimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein CO PT

Coconut acid, potassium salt FA

Coconut acid ES

Coconut alcohol CO

Coconut oil EL VA

Cocoyl amido hydroxy sulfo betaine FA TK

Cocoyl midazoline SF

Cocoyl monoethanolamide ethoxylate FA TK

Cocoyl sarcosine SF

Coffee extract SS

Collagen FF MO PT

Collagen amino acids CO MO

Collagen amino-polysiloxane hydrolyzate HU PT

Collagen glycerides CO

Colloidal oatmeal BO EL HU

Colloidal silica sols SB TK

Coltsfoot extract (Tussilago farfara L.) BO

Comfrey extract BO

Coneflower extract (Echinacea spp) AD BO

Copper asparate MO

Copper disodium EDTA CH

Copper PCA AD

Copper PCA methylsilanol HU

Copper protein complex ES MO

Coriander extract BO

Corn Cob Powder BO

Corn oil EL

Corn poppy extract (Papaver rhoeas L.) BO

Corn soil extract BO

Cornflower extract (Centaurea cyranas L.) BO

Cornflower extract (Echinacea angustifolia Monch) BO

Cottonseed oil EL

Couch grass (Agropyron repens Beauv.) BO

Cranesbill extract BO

Crataegus extract (Crataegus oxyacantha Jacq.) BO

Crithumum maritimum BO

Cucumber extract (Cucumis sativus L.) BO

Cuttlefish extract EL

Cyclodextrins CR ES SB

Cyclohexane dimethanol dibezoate PL

Cyclomethicone CO EL LU

Cypress extract BO



d-Panthenyl triacetate EL VT

Dandelion extract (Taraxacum officinalis Weber) BO

Date extract BO

DEA lauryl sulfate DT FA

DEA-C21-dicarboxylate ES

DEA-ceteareth–2-phosphate ES

DEA-cetyl phosphate ES

DEA-hydrolyzed lecithin FA TK

DEA-laureth sulfate FA

DEA-linoleate TK

DEA-methoxycinnamate SS

DEA-oleth–3 phosphate ES TK

DEA-oleth–5 phosphate ES SF

DEA-oleth–10 phosphate ES

DEA-oleth–20 phosphate ES SF

Dead Sea mud BO

Dead Sea Salts BO

Decaglyceryl pentastearate ES

Decamethyl cyclopentasiloxane CR EL

Deceth–3 SF

Deceth–1 phosphate EL

Deceth–6 SF

Deceth–8 SF

Deceth–9 WA

Declytetraddeceth–25 DT

Decyl alcohol SO TK

Decyl oleate EL

Decyl polyglucose FA

Decyl tetradecanol EL

Decylglucoside FA

Decyltetradeceth–25 SF

Denatonium benzoate DN

Denatonium saccharide DN

Deoxy ribonucleic acid PT

Desamido collagen FF MO

Dextran TK

Dextrin TK

Di-lauryl acetyl dinonium

chloride CO ES

Di-octyldodeceth–2 lauroyl glutamate SF

Di-octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate SF

Di-steareth–2 lauroyl glutamate SF

Di-steareth–5 lauroyl glutamate SF

Dialkyldimethypolysiloxane EL WX

Diamyl sodium sulfosuccinate DT

Diazolidinyl urea PR

Dibehenyl-diarachidyl dimonium chloride CO

Dibehenyldimonium chloride CO

Dibenzylidene sorbitol GE MO

Dibutyl phthalate PL

Dibutyl sebacate EL

Dicapryl adipate EL

Diceteareth–10 phosphoric acid ES SF

Dichlorobenzyl alcohol AD AP PR

Dichlorophene PR

Dicoco distearyl pentaerythrityl citrate ES

Dicyclohexyl sodium sulfosuccinate DT

Didecyldimonium chloride AP CO

Diethyl phthalate PL

Diethyl sebacate SO

Diethylaminoethyl stearate ES

Diethylene glycol SO

Diethylene glycol

dibenzoate SO PL

Diethylene glycol

diisononanoate EL

Diethylene glycol

diotanoate EL

Diethylene glycol stearyl

oxide ES

Difluoroethane PP

Diglyceryl dioleate GL SF SO

Diglyceryl monoisostearate GL SF SO

Diglyceryl stearate malate ES

Diglyceryl triisostearate OP SF SO

Dihydroabietyl behenate EL

Dihydrocholeth–15 ES

Dihydrocholeth–20 ES

Dihydrocholeth–30 ES

Dihydrogenated tallow

phthalic acid amide SA

Dihydroxyethyl C12–15 alkoxypropylamine oxide FA

Dihydroxyethyl cocamine oxide CO FA

Dihydroxyethyl dihydroxy-propyl stearmonium

chloride CO

Dihydroxyethyl tallowamine oleate EL

Dihydroxyethyl tallow glycinate CO

Dihydroxyethyl tallowamine oxide FA CO

Diisobutyl adipate EL

Diisobutyl sodium sulfosuccinate DT

Diisocetyl adipate EL SO

Diisopropyl adipate EL SO

Diisopropyl dilinoleate EL

Diisopopryl dimer dilinoleate EL

Diisopropyl sebacate EL SO

Diisostearyl adipate EL

Diisostearyl dimer dilinoleate AD EL

Diisostearyl fumarate EL

Diisostearyl malate EL

Diistearyl fumarate LU

Dilaureth–10 phosphate TK

Dilauryldimonium chloride AD

Dilinoleamidopropyl dimethylamine CO

Dilinoleamidopropyl dimethylamine dimethicone copolyol phosphate ES

Dilinoleic acid EL ES

Dimethicone EL LU SI

Dimethicone copolyol LU SF SI

Dimethicone copolyol phosphate ES

Dimethicone propyl PG-betaine SF

Dimethicone propylethylenediamine behenate EL

Dimethyl behenamine AS

Dimethyl cocamine AS

Dimethyl ether PP

Dimethyl hyalauronate MO

Dimethyl hydrogenated tallowamine CO

Dimethyl hydroxy methyl pyrazole PR

Dimethyl lauramine CO FA

Dimethyl lauramine isostearate CO

Dimethyl myristamine CO

Dimethyl oxazolidine PR

Dimethyl palmitamine AS

Dimethyl phthalate PL SO

Dimethyl soyamine AS CO

Dimethyl stearamine CO

Dimethyl tallowamine AS

Dimethylamidopropylamine dimearate CO

Dimethylsilanol hyaluronate MO

Dioctyl adipate EL

Dioctyl dimer dilinoleate EL

Dioctyl malate EL

Dioctyl maleate MO

Dioctyl sebacate EL

Dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate WA

Dioctyl succinate EL

Dioctylcyclohexane EL

Dioctyldodeceth–5 lauroyl glutamate SF

Dioleth–8 phosphate TK

Dipalmitoyl cystine AD

Dipalmitoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium methosulfate CO

Dipentaerythritol fatty acid ester EL MO

Dipentaerythrityl hexacapratehexacaprylate EL

Dipentaethylthrite hexahydroxy-stearate-isostearate EL

Diphenyl dimethicone GL

Dipotassium glycyrrhizinate AD HU

Dipropylene glycol ES SO

Dipropylene glycol dibenzoate SO PL

Disodium caproamphodiacetate DT FA

Disodium caproamphodipropionate DT FA

Disodium caprylamphodiacetate DT

Disodium caprylamphodipropionate DT

Disodium capryloamphodiacetate FA SF

Disodium cetearyl sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium cocamido MEA-sulfosuccinate DT FA

Disodium cocamido MIPA-sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium cocoamphodiacetate FA SF

Disodium cocoamphodipropionate DT FA

Disodium deceth–6 sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium EDTA AO CH PR

Disodium hydrogenated cottonseed glyceride sulfosuccinate CO ES

Disodium hydrogenated tallow glutamate SF

Disodium isodecyl sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium laneth–5 sulfosuccinate SF

Disodium lauramido MEA

sulfosuccinate DT FA SF

Disodium lauramido PEG–2 sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium laureth sulfosuccinate CO DT FA SF

Disodium lauroamphodiacetate CO FA

Disodium lauroamphodipropionate DT FA

Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium myristamido MEA-sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium nonoxynol–10 sulfosuccinate FA

Disodium oleamido MEA

sulfosuccinate FA

Disodium oleamido MIPA sulfosuccinate FA SF

Disodium oleamido PEG–2 sulfosuccinate DT

Disodium PEG–4 cocoamido MIPA sulfosuccinate DT FA

Disodium ricinoleamido MEA sulfosuccinate DT ES SF

Disodium stearyl sulfosuccinate ES

Disodium tallamido MEA sulfosuccinate SF

Disodium tallowiminodipropionate DT

Disodium undecylenamido MEA

sulfosuccinate AD

Disodium-PG-propyldimethicone thiosulfate SI

Distearyldimethylamine dilinoleate EL

Distearyldimonium chloride CO

Ditridecyl adipate EL dl-C12–15 Alkyl fumarate EL

DMDM hydantoin PR


Dodecylphenol-ethylene oxide condensate ES

Dodoxynol–6 DT

Dodoxynol–9 DT

Domiphen bromide AD

Drometrizole SS

Dyper’s broom extract BO




Egg Yolk extract EL ES

Elastin amino acids MO PT

Elder extract (Sambucus nigra L.) BO

Elderflower extract BO

Elderflower oil A

Elderberry extract BO

Eleuthero ginseng extract BO ST

Elm bark extract BO

Embryo extract PT

Emulsifying wax ES WX

Ergocalciferol VT

Erucyl erucate EL

Esculin VT

Ethanolamine HCI BF

Ethyl acetate SO

Ethyl avocadate EL

Ethyl dihydroxypropyl PABA SS

Ethyl ester of hydrolyzed collagen CO PT

Ethyl ester of hydrolyzed silk FFHU

Ethyl hexanediol ES

Ethyl hydrolyzed keratin protein PT

Ethyl hydroxymethyl oleyl oxazoline DS WA

Ethyl lactate SO

Ethyl linoleate VT

Ethyl linolenate EL

Ethyl minkate EL MO

Ethyl morrhuate EL

Ethyl myristate EL SO

Ethyl oleate EL SO

Ethyl olivate EL

Ethyl panthenol MO

Ethyl paraben sodium PR

Ethyl salicylate SS

Ethylcellulose FF

Ethylene glycol phenyl ether PR

Ethylene glycol stearate ES OP PE

Ethylene vinyl acetate RS

Ethylene vinyl alcohol RS

Ethylene-acrylic acid copolymer GE

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer GE

Ethylhexyl isopalmitate EL

Ethylparaben PR

Etocrylene SS

Eucalyptus extract (Eucalyptus globulus Labill.) BO

Eucalyptus oil BO

Euglena gracillis polysaccharide ES

Euphrasia extract BO

Evening primrose oil (Oenothera spp) EL MO

Everlasting extract BO



Fatty alcohol, C12–15 sulfate, sodium salt FA

Fatty quarternary amine chloride complex HU

Fennel extract BO

Fenugreek extract (Trigonella foenumgraecum L.) BO

Fern extract BO

Ferulic acid AO

Fibronectin PT

Fig extract BO

Fir needle extract BO

Formaldehyde PR

Fucales BO

Fumitory extract (Fumaria officinalis L.) BO



Gardenia extract BO

Garlic extract BO

Gelatin FF PT

Gellan gum FF GE SB TK

Gentian extract (Gentriana lutea L.) BO

Geranium extract BO

Ginkgo biloba extract (Gingko biloba L.)

Ginseng extract (Panax ginseng C.A. Meyer) BO

Glechoma hederacea extract BO

Glucose glutamate HU

Glutaral PR

Glycereth–4, 5-lactate HU

Glycereth–5 lactate HU

Glycereth–7 HU

Glycereth–7 benzoate EL

Glycereth–7 diisononanoate EL

Glycereth–7 triacetate EL

Glycereth–7 trioctanate EL

Glycereth–12 EL MO HU

Glycereth–25 PCA isostearate SF

Glycereth–26 EL HU

Glycereth–26 phosphate ES SF

Glycerin HU

Glycerol tribenzoate PL

Glycerol tricaprylatecaprate EL

Glyceryl abietate RS

Glyceryl adipate EL

Glyceryl behenate TK

Glyceryl caprylate AD ES

Glyceryl caprylate-caprate ES

Glyceryl citrate / lactate / lioleate / oleate ES

Glyceryl cocoate ES

Glyceryl diisostearate DS SB

Glyceryl dilaurate ES

Glyceryl dioleate EL ES

Glyceryl distearate ES OP

Glyceryl hydroxystearate ES OPSF

Glyceryl isostearate EL ES LU

Glyceryl lanolate EL ES

Glyceryl laurate AD PR

Glyceryl linoleate EL ES

Glyceryl mono undecylenate ES

Glyceryl mono-di-tricaprylate ES SB

Glyceryl monopyroglutamate AS EL

Glyceryl myristate EL ES OP

Glyceryl oleate EL ES LU

Glyceryl PABA SS

Glyceryl palmitate ES

Glyceryl ricinoleate EL ES

Glyceryl stearate ES OP TK

Glyceryl stearate citrate ES

Glyceryl stearate lactate ES

Glyceryl stearate SE ES SB

Glyceryl triacetyl hydroxystearate EL

Glyceryl triacetyl ricinoleate EL

Glycine BF CO

Glycofurol SO

Glycol PL

Glycol distearate OP PE

Glycol oleate ES

Glycol palmitate ES

Glycol stearate SE ES PE

Glycolamide stearate ES PE

Glycoproteins CO

Glycosaminoglycans EL MO

Glycosphingolipids EL ES MO

Glycyrrhetinic acid BO

Glycyrrhizic acid BO

Glycyrrhizin, ammoniated BO

Grape extract BO

Grape leaf extract (Vitis palmata) BO

Grape seed extract BO

Grape seed oil EL

Grape skin extract BO

Grapefruit extract (Citrus paradisi) BO

Green bean extract BO

Guaiazulene AD

Guanine PE

Guar gum SA TK

Guar hydroxypropyltrimonium chloride BO ST

Guarana extract BO ST

Gum karaya CO FF



Harpagophytum extract (Harpagophytum procumbens D.C.) BO

Hawaiian ginger extract BO

Hayflower extract BO

Hazlenut extract BO

Hazlenut oil EL

Hectorite SA TK TX


Henna extract (Lawsonia inermis) BO CO

Hesperidin complexes BO

Hesperidin methyl chalcone BO

Hexachlorophene AP

Hexadecyl isopalmitate EL

Hexahydro 1,3,5 tris (2-hydroxyet)–5-triazine PR

Hexamethyldisiloxane EL

Hexamidine diisethionate ADPR

Hexanediol behenyl beeswax GE

Hexetidine AD

Hexyl alcohol SO TK

Hexyl laurate EL

Hexyldecanol EL

Hibiscus extract (Hisbiscus sabdariffa) BO

Hinokitiol AD

Homosalate SS

Honey extract EL MO HU

Honey melon extract BO

Honeysuckle extract (Lonicera caprifolium) BO A AD

Hops extract (Humulus lupulus L.) A BO

Horse chestnut extract (Aesculus hippocstanum L.) BO

Horseradish extract (Cochlearia armoracia) BO

Horsetail extract (Equisetum arvense L.) BO

Human placental protein PT

Hyaluronic acid MO LU

Hyacinth extract BO

Hybrid safflower oil EL MO

Hydrated silica TK

Hydrocotyl extract BO

Hydrocotyl extract (Centella asiatica L.) BO

Hydrogenated C6-C14 olefin polymers EL

Hydrogenated castor oil DS EL WX

Hydrogenated castor oil laurate EL

Hydrogenated coco-glycerides ES SB

Hydrogenated coconut oil EL

Hydrogenated cottonseed oil EL

Hydrogenated jojoba wax GE

Hydrogenated lanolin, distilled EL

Hydrogenated lanolin EL ES

Hydrogenated lecithin DS ES MO

Hydrogenated milk fat EL

Hydrogenated mink oil EL

Hydrogenated palm kernel glycerides EL RA

Hydrogenated palm oil EL

Hydrogenated passion fruit oil HU

Hydrogenated polyisobutene EL MO

Hydrogenated rapeseed oil TKWX

Hydrogenated rice bran wax WX

Hydrogenated soybean oil EL

Hydrogenated starch hydrolysate EL TK

Hydrogenated tallow amine oxide AS CO

Hydrogenated tallow glyceride DS EL ES SB

Hydrogenated tallow glyceride lactate EL

Hydrogenated tallow glycerides citrate ES

Hydrogenated tallowtrimonium chloride CO

Hydrogenated turtle oil EL

Hydrogenated vegetable glycerides EL

Hydrogenated vegetable oil EL VA WX

Hydrolyzed conchiolin protein CO EL

Hydrolyzed elastin MO

Hydrolyzed extensin CO PT

Hydrolyzed fibronectin CO MO HU

Hydrolyzed fish protein CO PT

Hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans MO

Hydrolyzed hemoglobin PT

Hydrolyzed keratin CO EL FF MO PT

Hydrolyzed mild protein CO PT

Hydrolyzed oat protein BO EL HU

Hydrolyzed placental protein MO

Hydrolyzed reticulin CO

Hydrolyzed RNA FF

Hydrolyzed serum protein MO

Hydrolyzed silk CO FF MO

Hydrolyzed soy protein CO FF PT

Hydrolyzed vegetable protein PT

Hydrolyzed wheat protein FA MO PT

Hydrolyzed wheat protein polysiloxane polymer CO

Hydrolyzed wheat protein-dimethicone copolyol phosphate copolymer FF

Hydrolyzed zein FX

Hydroquinone AO

Hydroxycetyl hydroxyethyl dimonium chloride CO

Hydroxycetyl phosphate ES

Hydroxyethycellulose TK

Hyddroxyethyl stearamide-MIPA PE

Hydroxylated lanolin EL ES

Hydroxylated lecithin ES

Hydroxylated milk glyceride EL

Hydroxyoctacosanyl hydroxystearate ES SB

Hydroxyproline CO

Hydroxypropyl bisstearyldimonium chloride CO

Hydroxypropyl chitosan CO TK

Hydroxypropyl guar LU TK

Hydroxypropyl guar hydroxypropyl trimonium chloride CO

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose FA TK

Hydroxypropyl-bisisostearyamidopropyldimonium chloride CO ES

Hydroxypropylcellulose FF TK

Hydroxypropyltrimonium hydrolyzed keratin CO

Hydroxypropyltrimonium hydrolyzed silk CO

Hydroxypropyltrimonium wheat protein CO

Hydroxystearic acid EL GE

Hypericum extract BO


I-Gluatmic acid CO

Iceland moss extract AD

Illipe butter EL

Imidazolidinyl urea PR

Indian cress extract (Tropaeolum majus L.) BO

Inositol MO

Isoamyl p-methoxycinnamate SS

Isobutane PP

Isobutyl palmitate EL

Isobutyl stearate EL SO

Isobutylene-maleic anhydride copolymer DS SA

Isobutylparaben PR

Isoceteareth–8 stearate ES

Isoceteth–10 TK

Isoceteth–10 stearate ES

Isoceteth–20 ES

Isocetyl alcohol DS ES

Isocetyl behenate EL

Isocetyl octanoate EL

Isocetyl palmitate EL

Isocetyl salicylate EL SO

Isocetyl stearate EL

Isodecyl benzoate PL SO

Isodecyl citrate EL

Isodecyl cocoate EL

Isodecyl hydroxypropanetricarboxylic acid EL

Isodecyl isononanoate EL

Isodecyl laurate EL

Isodecyl neopentanoate EL

Isodecyl octanoate EL

Isodecyl oleate EL SO

Isodecyl salicylate EL ST

Isodecyl stearate EL LU

Isododecane SO

Isoseicosane EL GL

Isohexadecane EL SO

Isolaureth–6 ES WA

Isononyl isononanoate EL

Isooctadecyl hexadecanoate EL

Isooctadecyl isononanoate WX

Isopentacontaoctacane EL GL

Isopentyldiol EL

Isopropanolamine lauryl sulfate FA DT

Isopropyl alcohol SO

Isopropyl avocadate EL

Isopropyl C12–15 pareth–9-carboxylate EL

Isopropyl isostearate EL

Isopropyl lanolate EL LU PL

Isopropyl linoleate EL

Isopropyl methoxycinnamate SS

Isopropyl myristate EL SO

Isopropyl palmitate EL SO

Isopropyl paraben PR

Isopropyl PPG–2-isodeceth–7 carboxylate EL

Isopropyl sorbate PR

Isopropyl stearate EL

Isopropylamine dodecyl benzenesulfonate DT

Isopropylbenzylsalicylate SS

Isosorbide laurate EL

Isostearamide DEA FA TK

Isostearamido propyl dimethylamine AS CO

Isostearamidopropyl betaine CO DT

Isostearamidopropyl dimethylamine gluconate CO ES

Isostearamidopropyl dimethylamine glycolate CO ES

Isostearamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate CO

Isostearamidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate CO

Isostearamidopropyl laurylacetodimonium chloride CO ES

Isostearamidopropyl morpholine CO

Isostearamidopropyl morpholine lactate CO

Isostearamidopropyl morpholine oxide CO

Isostearamidopropyl dimonium chloride CO

Isostearamidopropylamide oxide FA TK

Isostearamidopropylkonium chloride CO

Isosteareth–2 ES

Isosteareth–2-octanoate ES

Isosteareth–3 ES

Isosteareth–6 carboxylic acid DT

Isosteareth–10 ES

Isosteareth–10 stearate ES

Isosteareth–12 ES

Isosteareth–20 ES

Isosteareth–22 ES

Isosteareth–50 ES

Isostearic acid EL ES

Isostearoamphopropionate DT TK

Isostearoyl hydrolyzed collagen CO PL PT

Isostearyl alcohol EL

Isostearyl behenate EL

Isostearyl benzoate EL

Isostearyl diglyceryl succinate EL ES LU

Isostearyl erucate EL

Isostearyl erucyl erucate EL

Isostearyl hydrolyzed animal protein CO MO

Isostearyl imidazoline DT

Isostearyl isostearate EL RA

Isostearyl lactate EL

Isostearyl malate EL

Isostearyl myristate EL

Isostearyl neopentanoate EL

Isostearyl palmitate EL

Isostearyl stearoyl stearate SO EL

Isostearylamidopropyl dihydroxypropyl dimonium chloride CO EL ES

Isotridecyl cocoate EL

Isotridecyl isononanoate EL

Isotridecyl myristate EL

Ivy extract (Hedera helix L.) BO



Japan wax WX

Jasmine extract (Jasminum officinale) BO

Job’s tears extract SS

Jojoba butter EL

Jojoba esters EL MO WX

Jojoba oil, synthetic EL

Jojoba oil BO MO

Jojoba wax GE TK

Jujube extract AD

Juniper extract (Jupierus communis L.) BO



Kalaya oil EL

Karaya gum TK

Kelp extract BO

Keratin PT

Keratin amino acids MO

Kiwi extract MO

Kiwi oil BO

Kola nut extract BO

Konjac mannan BO MO

Krameria extract (Krameria tiandra Ruiz et Pav.) BO

Kukui nut oil EL



Lactalbumin hydrolysate CO PT

Lactamide DGA EL

Lactamide MEA MO HU

Lactamidopropyl trimonium chloride HU

Lactic acid HU

Lactic acid monoethanolamide EL LU

Lactococcus hydrolysate MO ST

β-Lactoglobolin COFF PT

Lactoyl methylsilnol elastinate MO

Lady’s mantle extract (Silybum marignum) BO

Laneth–5 ES GE

Laneth–10 ES

Laneth–15 ES GE

Laneth–16 ES

Laneth–20 ES

Laneth–40 ES

Lanolin EL ES

Lanolin acid DS EL WA

Lanolin alcohol EL ES MO

Lanolin fatty acids ES

Lanolin oil EL LU

Lanolin wax ES

Lanosterol EL

Laramide DEA FA

Laramide MEA FA

Lard glyceride EL

Lauralkonium bromide AD

Lauralkonium chloride AD

Lauramide DEA ES TK

Lauramide MEA TK

Lauramide MIPA FA TK

Lauramidopropyl betaine FA SF TK

Lauramidopropyl dimethylamine CO ES

Lauramidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride CO ES

Lauramidopropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate CO

Lauromidopropylamine oxide DT FA

Lauramine oxide CO FA

Lauramine PG-glycinate phosphate CO

Laurel extract BO

Laureth carboxylic acid SF

Laureth–1 ES SF

Laureth–2 EL ES SF

Laureth–2 acetate EL

Laureth–2 benzoate EL

Laureth–2 octanoate EL ES

Laureth–3 EL ES SB SF

Laureth–3 carboxylic acid SF

Laureth–3 phosphate ES LU SF

Laureth–4 DS ES SF

Laureth–1 carboxylic acid ES

Laureth–5 ES

Laureth–5 carboxylic acid ES SF

Laureth–6 DS ES

Laureth–7 ES SF

Laureth–9 ES

Laureth–10 FA TK

Laureth–11 DT ES SF

Laureth–11 carboxylic acid ES

Laureth–12 ES SF

Laureth–16 DS ES SF

Laureth–20 ES

Laureth–23 ES

Laureth–25 ES

Laureth–30 ES

Lauric-linoleic DEA FA TK

Lauroampho PG-glycinate phosphate DT

Lauroyl collagen amino acids AD

Lauroyl hydrolyzed collagen CO PL

Lauroyl lysine HU

Lauroyl sarcosine SF

Lauroyl-linoleoyl diethanolamide FA TK

Lauroyl-myristoyl diethanolamide FA TK

Laurtrimonium chloride AD CO

Lauryl alcohol TK

Lauryl betaine FA TK

Lauryl dimethylamine

C21-dicarboxylate SF

Lauryl hydroxyethyl imidazoline SF

Lauryl lactate EL

Lauryl methyl gluceth–10 hydroxypropyldimonium chloride CO

Lauryl PCA ES MO

Lauryl phosphate CO DT EL

Lauryl polyglucose FA

Lauryl pyrrolidone CO FA WA

Lauryldimethylamine isostearate EL

Lauryldimethylamine oleate EL

Lauryldimonium hydrolyzed animal protein CO

Lauryldimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen AS CO PT

Lauryldimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed keratin CO

Lauryldimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed soy protein CO

Laurylmethicone copolyol ES

Laurylpyridinium chloride AD

Lavender extract (Lavandula officinalis) BO

LEA iodine BO

Lecithin CO ES MO RA WA

Lecithin modified kaolin OP

Lecithin modified mica PE

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) BO

Lemon extract (Citrus limonum R.) A BO

Lemongrass extract BO

Lesquerella oil EL MO

Lettuce extract BO

Lichen extract AD

Licorice extract AD BO

Lilac extract BO

Lily extract (Lilium candidum L.) BO

Linden extract (Tilia spp.) BO

Linol linolenic acid CO

Linoleamide DEA RA SF TK FA

Linoleamidepropyl PG-dimonium chloride phosphate ES

Linoleamidepropyldim-ethylamine CO

Linoleamidepropyldim-ethylamine dimer dilinoleate AS

Linoleic acid EL TK

Liposomes CR MO RA

Lithium stearates ES

Lithothamnum calcareum BO

Live yeast cell derivative MO

Live yeast cell derivative liposome CR

Locust bean gum TK

Lysine PCA AO MO



Macadamia nut oil EL

Madder (Rubia tinctorum L.) BO

Magnesium aluminium silicate SA TK

Magnesium aspartate MO

Magnesium laureth sulfate DT

Magnesium laureth–8 sulfate SF

Magnesium lauryl sulfate DT

Magnesium myristate LU

Magnesium PEG–3 cocamide sulfate DT

Magnesium stearate LU

Magnesium sulfate heptahydrate (epsom salt) ESRA

Maleated soybean oil EL ES

Malic acid CH

Mallow extract (Malva sylvestris L.) BO

Maltitol MO SB

Mandragora extract BO

Manganese asparate MO

Mango extract EL

Mannitol HU

Marine polyaminoaccharide MO

MDM hydantoin PR TK

MEA-dodecylbenzene-sulfonate DT

MEA-laureth sulfate DT ES FA

MEA-lauryl sulfate DT SF

Meadowsweet extract BO

Melaleuca oil VA

Melanin AO DS

Menthyl anthranilate SS

Meroxapol 105 SF

Meroxapol 171 SF

Meroxapol 172 SF

Methcrylol ethyl bethainemethacrylates copolymer RS

Methene ammonium chloride PR

Methicone SI

Methoxy PEG–17 dedecyl glycol copolymer ES

Methoxydiglycol SO

Methoxyisopropanol SO

Methyl acetyl ricinoleate EL

Methyl gallate AO

Methyl gluceth–10 GLHU

Methyl gluceth–20 FA HU

Methyl gluceth–20 benzoate EL

Methyl gluceth–20 distearate EL ES

Methyl glucose dioleate ES

Methyl glucose sesquiisostearate ES

Methyl glucose sesquisteate EL

Methyl hydroxystearate EL

Methyl paraben sodium PR

Methyl ricinoleate EL

Methyl rosinate FX

Methyl salicylate AP

Methylated cyclodextrin SB

Methylcellulose TK

Methyldibromo glutaronitrile PR

Methylene chloride SO

Methylparaben PR

Methylsilanol elastinate MO PT ST

Methylsilanol hydroxyproline aspartate ST

Methylsilanol mannuronate MO

Mexican poppy oil VA

Mica PE

Microcrystalline wax EL

Milk protein CO

Mineral oil EL MO LU

Mink oil EL LU

Mink wax ES

Mistletoe extract BO

Mixed isopropanolamines myristate FA SF

Mixed mucopolysaccharides EL

Molybdenum aspartate MO

Monostearyl citrate CH PL

Montan wax WX

Montmorillonite TK

Morpholine SO

Mulberry extract AD

Mushroom extract BO

Musk rose oil EL

Myreth–3 CA EL ES

Myreth–3 caprate EL

Myreth–3 myristate EL ES

Myreth–3 octanoate EL GE

Myreth–4 ES

Myreth–7 ES SF

Myrrh extract (Commiphora myrra Nees) BO

Myristalkonium chloride AD CO

Myristalkonium saccharinate AD AP

Myristamide DEA FA TK

Myristamide MEA FA TK

Myristamide oxide TK

Myristamidopropyl betaine CO

Myristamidopropyl dimethylamine CO ES

Myristamidopropyl dimethylamine dimethicone copolyol phosphate FA

Myristamine oxide DT FA

Myristic acid DT

Myristoyl hydrolyzed collagen FF

Myristoyl sarcosine SF

Myristyl alcohol EL SF TK

Myristyl myristate EL

Myristyl octanoate EL

Myristyl propionate EL

Myristyl stearate EL

Myrtrimonium bromide CO PR


N,N,N’,N’-Tetrakis(2-hydroxypropyl)ethylenediamine CH

/N,O/-Carboxymethyl chitin AS

N,O-Carboxymethyl-chitosan FF GE

N,O-Carboxymethyl-chitosoniumn FF GE

n-Butyl alcohol SO

N-Cocoyl-(3-amidopropyl)-N,N-dimethyl-N-ethyl ammonium ethyl sulfate SF

N-Ethylether-bis–1,4-(N-isostearylamidopropyl-N,N-dimethyl ammonium CO ES

Nasturtium extract BO

Natto gum HU

Neatsfoot oil EL LU

Neem oil EL

Neopentyl glucol dibenzoate PL

Neopentyl glycol dicaprate EL MO

Neopentyl glycol dioctanoate EL

Neopentylglycol dicapratedicaprylate EL

Neopentylglycol diisooctanoate EL

Neroli extract BO

Nettle extract BO

Niacinamide VT

Nicotine sulfate DN

Nitrocellulose FF

Nonoxynol–1 ES

Nonoxynol–2 DS ES

Nonoxynol–4 ES

Nonoxynol–5 ES

Nonoxynol–6 ES

Nonoxynol–7 ES SF

Nonoxynol–8 ES

Nonoxynol–9 ES SF

Nonoxynol–10 DT ES

Nonoxynol–10 carboxylic acid SF

Nonoxynol–11 ES

Nonoxynol–12 ES

Nonoxynol–13 ES SF

Nonoxynol–14 ES

Nonoxynol–15 ES SF

Nonoxynol–18 DS ES

Nonoxynol–20 DS ES

Nonoxynol–30 DS ES

Nonoxynol–40 DS ES

Nonoxynol–50 DS ES

Nonoxynol–50 ES

Nonyl nonoxynol–5 ES WA


Nonyl nonoxynol–10 ES

Nordihydroguaiaretic acid AO

Nymphaeae alba root extract BO



o-Benzyl-p-chlorophenol AP

o-Cymen–5-ol PR

o-Phenylphenol AD PR

Oak bark extract BO

Oak root extract (Quercus) BO

Oak β-glucan FF MO

Oat extract (Avena sativa) BO

Oat flour BO EL

Oat protein BO EL HU

Octacosanyl stearate EL GE TK

Octamethyl cyclotetrasiloxane SI

Octocrylene SS

Octoxynol 16 ES

Octoxynol 30 ES

Octoxynol 40 ES

Octoxynol–1 ES

Octoxynol–2 DS

Octoxynol–3 ES

Octoxynol–5 ES

Octoxynol–8 ES WA

Octoxynol–10 DS ES SF

Octoxynol–12 SF

Octoxynol–16 DS

Octoxynol–30 DS

Octoxynol–40 DS

Octoxynol–70 DS WA

Octrizole SS

Octyl benzoate PL SO

Octyl cocoate EL

Octyl decanol EL

Octyl dimethyl PABA SS SS

Octyl dodecanol EL ES

Octyl dodecyl behenate EL

Octyl hydroxystearate EL

Octyl isononanoate EL

Octyl laurate PL SO

Octyl methoxycinnamate SS

Octyl neopentanoate EL

Octyl octanoate EL

Octyl oleate EL

Octyl palmitate EL SO

Octyl pelargonate EL

Octyl salicylate SS

Octyl stearate EL

Octyl triazone S

Octylacrylamide-acrylates-butylaminoethyl methacrylate polymer RS

Octyldodeceth–5 DS

Octyldodeceth–10 SF

Octyldodeceth–16 SF

Octyldodeceth–20 ES

Octyldodeceth–25 ES

Octylodecyl benzoate EL FA

Octyldodecyl erucate EL

Octyldodecyl lactate GL SO

Octyldodeyl myristate EL

Octyldodecyl stearate EL

Octyldodecyl stearoyl stearate EL

Ointment base EL

Oleamide SB TK

Oleamide DEA ESFA TK

Oleamide MEA FA TK

Oleamide MIPA FA

Oleamine CO

Oleamine oxide CO EL

Oleastearine EL

Oleic acid ES

Oleic alcohol EL

Oleic-palmitoleic-linoleic glycerides EL

Oleoamphohydroxypropyl sulfonate DT

Oleostearine LU

Oleoyl diethanolamide ES

Oleoyl sarcosine CO SF

Oleth–2 ES

Oleth–2 phosphate ES SF

Oleth–3 ES

Oleth–3 phosphate ES GE

Oleth–4 ES

Oleth–5 ES

Oleth–5 phosphate ES SF

Oleth–6 ES

Oleth–7 ES

Oleth–8 ES

Oleth–9 ES

Oleth–10 ES

Oleth–10 phosphate ES GE

Oleth–12 DT ES

Oleth–13 ES

Oleth–15 DT ES

Oleth–20 ES

Oleth–23 ES

Oleth–25 ES

Oleth–30 ES

Oleth–40 DS ES

Oleth–50 ES

Oleyl alcohol CA DS EL

Oleyl betaine CO FA

Oleyl dimethylamidopropyl ethonium ethosulfate CO

Oleyl erucate EL

Oleyl hydroxyethyl imidazoline SF

Oleyl oleate EL

Olive extract BO

Olive leaf extract BO

Olive oil EL

Olive oil PEG–6 esters SO

Onion extract (Allium cepa) BO

Ophiopogon japonicus extract MO

Orange flower extract BO

Orange peel extract AD BO

Orange roughy oil EL

Orange wax EL MO

Oryzanol AO SS

Ouricury wax WX

Oxyquinline sulfate AP

Ozokerite WX



p-Chloro-m-cresol AP

p-Hydroxyanisole AO


Palm acid ES

Palm kernel amide DEA FA

Palm kernel glycerides EL

Palm kernel oil VA

Palm oil EL

Palmetto extract A AD MO

Palmitamide MEA FA PE TK

Palmitamidopropyl betaine CO DT

Palmitamidopropyl dimethylamine CO ES

Palmitamine CO

Palmitamine oxide CO SF

Palmitic acid EL ES

Palmitoyl collagen amino acids AD

Palmitoyl hydrolyzed milk protein AD

Palmitoyl hydrolyzed wheat protein AD

Palmitoyl keratin amino acids AD

Palmityl betaine SF

Pansy extract BO SS

Pantethine MO

Panethenol HU

Panthenyl ethyl ether HU

Paraffin MO

Parsley extract BO

Partially hydrogenated canola oil EL

Partially hydrogenated soybean oil EL

Passion flower extract (Passiflora incarnata) BO


PCA ethyl cocoyl arginate SF

Pea extract BO

Peach kernel oil VA

Peach leaf extract (Prusus persica) BO

Peanut oil EL

Peanut oil PEG–6 esters SO

Pearlescent pigments PE

Pectin TK

PEG dioleate ES

PEG lauryl ether sulfate FA

PEG–2 cocamine AS ES

PEG–2 cocomonium chloride AS

PEG–2 Diisononanoate EL

PEG–2 dioctanoate EL

PEG–2 distearate OP

PEG–2 laurate ES TK

PEG–2 milk solids EL

PEG–2 oleammonium chloride AS CO

PEG–2 oleate ES

PEG–2 oleyl amine ES

PEG–2 soyamine ES

PEG–2 stearamine ES

PEG–2 stearate ES LU OP

PEG–2 stearate SE ES OP

PEG–2 stearmonium chloride CO

PEG–2 tallow amine ES

PEG–3 C12-C18 alcohols ES

PEG–3 cocamide ES

PEG–3 distearate OP PE TK

PEG–3 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–3 glyceryl triisostearate ES

PEG–3 glyceryl tristearate ES

PEG–3 lanolate ES

PEG–3 lauramide FA TK

PEG–3 lauramine oxide CO FA TK

PEG–3 sorbitan oleate ES

PEG–3 stearate ES RA


PEG–4 diheptanoate EL

PEG–4 diisostearate ES TK

PEG–4 dilaurate EL LU

PEG–4 dioleate ES

PEG–4 distearate ES

PEG–4 glyceryl distearate ES

PEG–4 laurate ES

PEG–4 oleamide FA RA TK

PEG–4 oleate ES

PEG–4 stearate ES

PEG–4 stearyl stearate ES

PEG–4 tallate ES

PEG–5 C12-C18 alcohols ES

PEG–5 C14–18 alcohols citrate EL

PEG–5 C8–12 alcohols citrate EL

PEG–5 castor oil ES

PEG–5 cocamine ES

PEG–5 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–5 glyceryl sesquioleate DS ES

PEG–5 glyceryl stearate ES

PEG–5 glyceryl triisostearate ES

PEG–5 hydrogenated castor oil EL

PEG–5 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate EL

PEG–5 lanolate ES

PEG–5 oleamine ES

PEG–5 soya sterol ES

PEG–5 soyamine ES

PEG–5 stearamine ES

PEG–5 stearate ES

PEG–5 stearyl ammonium lactate CO

PEG–5 tallow amide ES

PEG–5 tallow amine ES


PEG–6 beeswax DS TK

PEG–6 caprylic-capric glycerides ES RA

PEG–6 cocamide ES

PEG–6 dilaurate ES

PEG–6 dioleate ES

PEG–6 distearate ES

PEG–6 isostearate ES

PEG–6 lauramide ES

PEG–6 laurate ES

PEG–6 methyl ether SO

PEG–6 oleate ES

PEG–6 palmitate ES

PEG–6 paraffinic ether 12–14 ES

PEG–6 sorbitan beeswax ES

PEG–6 sorbitan monolaurate ES

PEG–6 sorbitan monostearate ES

PEG–6 sorbitan oleate ES

PEG–6 undecylenate AD

PEG–6–32 ES

PEG–6–32 stearate ES

PEG–7 glyceryl cocoate ES RA

PEG–7 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–7 oleate ES

PEG–7.5 tallowmine ES



PEG–8 beeswax ES

PEG–8 caprylic-capric glycerides AS SF

PEG–8 castor oil ES

PEG–8 dilaurate EL ES

PEG–8 dioleate EL ES TK

PEG–8 distearate ES TK

PEG–8 glyceryl laurate ES

PEG–8 laurate ES SF

PEG–8 oleate ES

PEG–8 paraffinic ether 12–14 ES

PEG–8 stearate ES TK

PEG–8 tallate ES

PEG–9 castor oil ES

PEG–9 diisostearate ES

PEG–9 dioleate ES

PEG–9 distearate ES

PEG–9 laurate ES

PEG–9 oleate DS ES

PEG–9 stearate DS ES

PEG–9 stearyl stearate EL

PEG–10 C12-C18 alcohol ES

PEG–10 castor oil ES

PEG–10 cocamine AS ES

PEG–10 coconut oil ES

PEG–10 dioleate DS ES

PEG–10 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–10 glyceryl stearate DT

PEG–10 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate ES

PEG–10 lanolate ES

PEG–10 polyglyceryl–2 laurate ES

PEG–10 sorbitan laurate ES

PEG–10 soya sterol ES

PEG–10 stearamine DS ES

PEG–10 stearate ES

PEG–10 stearyl stearate EL

PEG–11 babassu glycerides ES

PEG–11 castor oil ES


PEG–12 beeswax DS TK

PEG–12 dilaurate ES

PEG–12 dioleate EL ES

PEG–12 distearate ES

PEG–12 glyceryl dioleate DS ES

PEG–12 laurate DS ES

PEG–12 oleate ES

PEG–12 palm kernel glycerides AD EL

PEG–12 stearate ES

PEG–12 tallate ES

PEG–14 avocado glycerides ES

PEG–15 cocamine phosphate oleate EL

PEG–15 coco polyamine CO

PEG–15 cocomine ES

PEG–15 cocomonium chloride CO

PEG–15 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–15 glyceryl laurate ES

PEG–15 glyceryl ricinoleate ES

PEG–15 glyceryl stearate DT SF

PEG–15 oleamine ES

PEG–15 oleate ES

PEG–15 soyamine AS ES

PEG–15 stearamine ES

PEG–15 tallow amine ES

PEG–15 tallow polyamine ES


PEG–16 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–16 soya sterol ES


PEG–18 glyceryl oleate-cocoate TK

PEG–18 stearate ES


PEG–20 almond glycerides ES RA

PEG–20 castor oil ES

PEG–20 dilaurate ES

PEG–20 dioleate ES

PEG–20 distearate ES

PEG–20 glyceryl isostearate DS

PEG–20 glyceryl laurate ES

PEG–20 glyceryl oleate ES

PEG–20 glyceryl stearate ES

PEG–20 glyceryl triisostearate ES

PEG–20 glyceryl tristearate ES

PEG–20 hydrogenated castor oil ES SO

PEG–20 hydrogenated castor oil isostearate EL

PEG–20 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate EL

PEG–20 hydrogenated lanolin EL ES

PEG–20 lanolin ES

PEG–20 laurate ES

PEG–20 maize glycerides ES RA

PEG–20 methyl glucose sesquistearate ES

PEG–20 oleate ES

PEG–20 sorbitan beeswax ES

PEG–20 sorbitan isostearate ES

PEG–20 sorbitan trioleate ES

PEG–20 stearate ES

PEG–20 tallow amine ES

PEG–23 oleate ES

PEG–23 stearate ES

PEG–24 hydrogenated lanolin EL ES

PEG–25 castor oil DS ES

PEG–25 glyceryl isostearate DT SF


PEG–25 propylene glycol stearate EL ES

PEG–25 soya sterol ES

PEG–25 stearate ES

PEG–27 lanolin CO LU SF

PEG–28 glyceryl tallowate AD TK

PEG–29 castor oil ES

PEG–30 castor oil ES

PEG–30 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–30 glyceryl laurate ES

PEG–30 glyceryl monococoate AD

PEG–30 glyceryl oleate ES

PEG–30 glyceryl stearate ES

PEG–30 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–30 lanolin ES LU SF

PEG–30 sorbitan tetraoleate ES

PEG–32 dilaurate ES

PEG–32 dioleate ES

PEG–32 distearate ES

PEG–32 laurate ES

PEG–32 oleate ES

PEG–32 stearate ES

PEG–33 castor oil SO

PEG–35 stearate ES

PEG–40 castor oil ES

PEG–40 dodecyl glycol copolymer ES SB

PEG–40 glyceryl isostearate ES

PEG–40 glyceryl stearate SF

PEG–40 glyceryl triisostearate ES

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil PCA isostearate DS

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil isostearate EL

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil laurate EL

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil PCA isostearate ES

PEG–40 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate EL

PEG–40 jojoba oil EL SF TK

PEG–40 lanolin CO LU SF

PEG–40 sorbitan lanolate ES

PEG–40 sorbitan tetraoleate ES

PEG–40 stearate ES LU SB

PEG–42 babassu glyceride ES

PEG–44 sorbitan laurate ES

PEG–45 palm kernel glycerides ES WA

PEG–45 safflower oil glycerides

PEG–50 glyceryl cocoate SO

PEG–50 hydrogenated castor oil laurate EL

PEG–50 lanolin ES

PEG–50 stearmine ES

PEG–50 stearate ES

PEG–50 tallow amide TK

PEG–55 propylene glycol oleate TK

PEG–60 almond glyceride ES WA

PEG–60 castor oil ES

PEG–60 glyceryl isostearate SF

PEG–60 glyceryl stearate SF

PEG–60 glyceryl triisostearate ES

PEG–60 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–60 hydrogenated castor oil isostearate ES

PEG–60 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate ES

PEG–60 lanolin ES

PEG–60 maize glycerides ES WA

PEG–60 sorbitan tetraoleate ES

PEG–70 mango seed glycerides EL ES


PEG–75 castor oil ES

PEG–75 dilaurate ES

PEG–75 dioleate ES

PEG–75 distearate ES

PEG–75 illipe butter glycerides EL ES

PEG–75 lanolin CO EL ES

PEG–75 lanolin oil CO SF

PEG–75 laurate ES

PEG–75 oleate ES

PEG–75 shea butter glycerides EL ES

PEG–75 stearate ES TK

PEG–78 glyceryl cocoate AD

PEG–80 jojoba oil SF

PEG–80 sorbitan laurate ES FA

PEG–82 glyceryl tallowate AD

PEG–85 lanolin CO

PEG–90 stearate ES

PEG–100 castor oil ES

PEG–100 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–100 lanolin ES

PEG–100 stearate ES MO TK

PEG–120 distearate ES

PEG–120 jojoba oil SF

PEG–120 methyl glucose dioleate TK

PEG–150 EL

PEG–150 dilaurate ES

PEG–150 dioleate ES

PEG–150 distearate ES TK

PEG–150 lanolin ES

PEG–150 laurate ES

PEG–150 oleate ES

PEG–150 stearate ES

PEG–200 castor oil ES

PEG–200 glyceryl monotallowate AD TK

PEG–200 glyceryl stearate ES TK

PEG–200 hydrogenated castor oil ES

PEG–200 laurate ES

PEG–200 oleate ES

PEG–400 laurate ES

PEG–6000 distearate TK

PEG–6000 laurate ES

PEG-PPG–17–6 copolymer EL LU

Pelargonium extract BO

Pellitory extract BO

Pennyroyal extract BO

Pentaerythritol dioleate EL

Pentaerythritol stearate EL

Pentaerythritol tetrabenzoate PL

Pentaerythritol tetracaprylatecaprate EL

Pentaerythritol tetracaprylatetetra- caprate EL

Pentaerythritol tetraisononanoate EL

Pentaerythritol tetraisostearate EL

Pentaerythritol tetralaurate EL

Pentaerythritol tetraoctanoate EL

Pentaerythritol tetraoleate EL

Pentaerythritol tetrapelagonate EL LU

Pentaerythritol tetrastearate EL

Pentaerythrytol tetrabehenate TK

Pentaerythrytol tetracaprylatecaprate ES

Pentaerythrytol tetrastearate TK

Pentasodium pentetate AO CH PR

Pentasodium triphosphate SA

Pentetic acid AO CH PR

Peony extract BO

Peppermint extract (Mentha piperita L.) AD BO

Peppermint oil BO

Perfluoropolymethyl-isopropyl ether MO SB

Perilla extract BO

Periwinkle extract BO

Petrolatum EL MO LU

Petroleum distillates SO

Petroleum wax MO

Phenethyl alcohol PR

Phenoxyethanol AD

Phenoxyisopropanol AD

Phenyl dimethicone EL

Phenyl trimethicone CO EL GL

Phenylmercuric acetate AD

Phenylmercuric benzoate AD

Phenylmercuric borate AD

Phenylmethylpolysiloxanes EL

Philodendron extract AD

Phosphate esters ES

Phosphated amine oxides ES

Phytic acid CH

Pimento extract BO

Pine cone extract (Pinus silvestris L.) BO

Pine needle extract BO

Pineapple extract BO

Piroctone olamine AD

Pistachio nut oil EL MO

Placental enzymes EL

Placental protein, water soluble MO

Plankton extract MO

Plantain extract (Plantago lanceolata) BO

Ploysorbate DS

POE–25 phytostanol ES

POE–30 sorbitol tetraoleate ES

POE–60 sorbitol tetraoleate ES

Pollen extract BO

Poloamer 105 benzoate EL

Poloxamer 101 DS ES SF

Poloxamer 105 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 122 DS ES SF

Poloxamer 123 ES GE WA

Poloxamer 124 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 181 DS ES WA

Poloxamer 182 DS ES WA

Poloxamer 182 dibenzoate EL

Poloxamer 184 DS ES WA

Poloxamer 185 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 235 ES GE WA

Poloxamer 237 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 238 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 334 ES WA

Poloxamer 338 ES GE TK

Poloxamer 407 ES GE TK

Poly oxyethylene (dimethylamino) ethylene dichloride PR

Polyacrylamidomethylpropane sulfonic acid LU

Polyacrylic acid TK

Polyamino sugar condensate MO HU

Polyaminopropyl biguanide PR

Polybutane LU

Polubutene EL MO

Polydecene EL

Polyethylene, ionomer FF

Polyethylene, homopolymer GE SA

Polyethylene, micronized SA

Polyethylene, oxidized GE

Polyethylene glycol EL

Polyethylenepaste SB

Polyglycerol–10 tetra oleate EL ES

Polyglyceryl methacrylate MO LU

Polyglyceryl–2 diisostearate EL

Polyglyceryl–2 dioleate ES

Polyglyceryl–2 isostearate ES

Polyglyceryl–2 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–2 PEG–4 stearate ES

Polyglyceryl–2 stearate ES

Polyglyceryl–2 tetraisostearate EL

Polyglyceryl–2 triisostearate EL

Polyglyceryl–3 beeswax WX

Polyglyceryl–3 diisostearate DS EL SF SO

Polyglyceryl–3 dioleate ES

Polyglyceryl–3 distearate EL ES

Polyglyceryl–3 methyl glucose distearate ES

Polyglyceryl–3 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–3 stearate EL ES

Polyglyceryl–4 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–4 stearate ES

Polyglyceryl–5 distearate DS

Polyglyceryl–6 dioleate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 distearate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 laurate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 mixed fatty acid DS

Polyglyceryl–6 myristate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 polyricinoleate ES

Polyglyceryl–6 stearate ES

Polyglyceryl–8 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 decaoleate EL ES

Polyglyceryl–10 decastearate EL

Polyglyceryl–10 diisostearate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 diistearate DS

Polyglyceryl–10 dioleate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 dipalmitate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 distearate DS ES

Polyglyceryl–10 laurate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 linoleate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 mixed fatty acids ES

Polyglyceryl–10 myristate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 oleate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 sostearate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 stearate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 tetraoleate ES

Polyglyceryl–10 trioleate ES

Polyisobutene (hyd.) EL

Polyisobutene/isohexopentacentahect ane EL GL

Polyisobutene/isooctahexacontane EL GL

Polyisobutene/isopentacontaoctane EL

Polyisoprene EL

Polymethacrylamidopropyl trimonium chloride CO

Polymethoxy bicyclic oxazolidine PR

Polyoxyethylene dihydroxy-propyl linoleaminium chloride CO

Polyoxyethylene glycol dibenzoate SO PL

Poloxyethylene polyoxypropylene ES

Polyoxyethylene polyoxypropylene glycol EL

Polyoxyethylene–15 cocamine phospaheoleate complex EL

Polypropylene RS

Polypropylene glycol dibenzoate SO PL

Polyquaternium–2 EL CO

Polyquaternium–5 ES CO

Polyquaternium–6 CO

Polyquaternium–7 CO

Polyquaternium–10 ES FX

Polyquaternium–11 CO

Polyquaternium–16 CO RS

Polyquaternium–17 CO

Polyquaternium–18 CO

Polyquaternium–22 CO

Polyquaternium–24 CO

Polyquaternium–29 FX CO

Polyquaternium–31 GE

Polyquaternium–39 CO

Polysiloxane polyalkylene copolymer EL

Polysiloxane-polyether copolymer SF

Polysorbate 20 ES TK

Polysorbate 21 ES

Polysorbate 40 EL ES

Polysorbate 60 ES WA

Polysorbate 61 ES

Polysorbate 65 ES

Polysorbate 80 ES WA

Polysorbate 81 ES

Polysorbate 85 ES

Polytrimonium hydrolyzed animal protein AD

Polyvinyl acetate FF

Polyvinyl alcohol FF

Potassium abietoyl hydrolyzed collagen AP PT

Potassium alginate GE

Potassium aspartate CH

Potassium cetyl phosphate ES

Potassium chloride TK

Potassium cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen DT PT SF

Potassium dimethicone copolyol panethenyl phosphate CO

Potassium dimethicone copolyol phosphate EL

Potassium DNA MO

Potassium laurate ES LU

Potassium lauroyl collagen amino acids CO

Potassium lauroyl hydrolyzed collagen SF

Potassium lauroyl hydrolyzed soybean protein CO

Potassium lauroyl wheat amino acids CO

Potassium lauryl sulfate FA SF

Potassium myristate ES LU

Potassium myristoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

Potassium oleate TK

Potassium oleoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

Potassium palmitate SF

Potassium PCA MO

Potassium polyacrylate DS

Potassium sorbate AD

Potassium stearate TK

Potassium steroyl hydrolyzed collagen Potassium tallowate ES LU

Potassium undecylenoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

PPG–2 lanolin ether EL

PPG–2 myristyl ether propionate SO EL LU

PPG–2-buteth–3 EL

PPG–2-ceteareth–9 ES

PPG–2-isodeceth–4 SF

PPG–2-isodeceth–6 SF

PPG–2-isodeceth–9 SF

PPG–2-isodeceth–12 SF

PPG–3 hydrogenated castor oil EL

PPG–3 isosteareth–9 ES

PPG–3 myristyl ether EL LU

PPG–5 buteth–7 ES

PPG–5 ceteth–10 phosphate ES

PPG–5 lanolin ether CO

PPG–5 lanolin wax EL SB

PPG-pentaerythrityl ether EL

PPG–5-buteth–7 EL

PPG–5-butyl ether EL

PPG–5-ceteth–20 ES

PPG–5-laureth–5 EL

PPG–6 C12–18 pareth–11 SF

PPG–7-buteth–10 SB

PPG–7-buteth–5 EL

PPG–8 oleate ES

PPG–8-SMDI copolymer EL MO


PPG–9 diethylmonium chloride AS CO

PPG–9 Diethylmonium phosphate DS

PPG–9-buteth–12 EL LU

PPG–9-butyl ether EL

PPG–10 butanediol EL MO

PPG–10 cetyl ether CA EL

PPG–10 cetyl ether phosphate ES SB

PPG–10 lanolin alcohol ether WA

PPG–10 methyl glucose ether EL GL

PPG–10 oleyl ether CA EL

PPG–11 stearyl ether EL LU

PPG–12 PEG–65 lanolin oil EL

PPG–12-buteth–16 EL LU

PPG–12-PEG–50 lanolin EL ES LU

PPG–12/SMDI copolymer EL MO

PPG–14 butyl ether EL LU

PPG–15 butyl ether EL

PPG–15 stearyl ether CA EL

PPG–15 stearyl ether benzoate EL FA

PPG–16 butyl ether EL

PPG–18 butyl ether EL


PPG–20 lanolin alcohol ether PL SO CO

PPG–20 methyl glucose ether FX

PPG–20 methyl glucose ether distearate MO

PPG–20-buteth–30 EL LU

PPG–22 butyl ether CA

PPG–23 oleyl ether CA

PPG–24-buteth–27 ES LU

PPG–24-glycereth–24 polyglycol copolymer EL

PPG–25 Diethylmonium chloride AS DS

PPG–25 laureth–25 ES


PPG–26 oleate ES

PPG–26-buteth–26 ES

PPG–27 glyceryl ether EL

PPG–28-buteth–30 EL

PPG–28-buteth–35 LU


PPG–30 cetyl ether EL

PPG–36 oleate ES GL LU

PPG–40 butyl ether EL LU

PPG–40 Diethylmonium chloride AS DS

PPG–50 cetyl ether EL

PPG–50 oleyl ether CA EL

PPG–51-SMDI copolymer EL MO

PPG–53 butyl ether EL

Procollagen FF

Proline CO

Propane PP

Propionyl collagen amino acids AD

Propyl alcohol SO

Propyl gallate AO

Propylene carbonate SB

Propylene glycol SO

Propylene glycol ceteth–3 acetate EL

Propylene glycol dibenzoate PL SO

Propylene glycol dicaprylate EL

Propylene glycol dicaprylate-dicaprate EL

Propylene glycol diisostearate EL

Propylene glycol dioleate ES

Propylene glycol dipelargonate EL RA

Propylene glycol distearate ES OP

Propylene glycol doioctanoate EL

Propylene glycol hydroxystearate ES

Propylene glycol isoceteth–3 acetate EL

Propylene glycol isostearate EL

Propylene glycol laurate EL ES

Propylene glycol methyl ether SO

Propylene glycol myristate EL OP

Propylene glycol myristate SO

Propylene glycol myristyl ether acetate EL PL

Propylene glycol ricinoleate ES

Propylene glycol stearate, SE EL ES

Propylene glycol stearate AS CO ES OP TK

Propylparaben PR

Propyltrimonium hydrolyzed wheat protein PT

Proteoglycan, soluble CO PT

PVM / MA decadiene crosspolymer TK


PVP-Dimethiconylacrylate-polycarbamyl-polyglycol ester FF CO

PVP-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate copolymer CO

PVP-eicosene copolymer DS FF

PVP-hexadecene copolymer DS FF

PVP-iodine AP

PVP / dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate polycarbamyl polyglycol ester CO FF

Pyridoxine HCL VT



Quaternium–15 PR

Quaternium–18 bentonite SA TK

Quaternium–18 hectorite SA TK

Quaternium–22 CO HU

Quaternium–26 AS CO

Quaternium–27 AS

Quaternium–33 CO ES

Quaternium–53 AS

Quaternium–61 CO

Quaternium–62 AS CO

Quaternium–70 AS CO

Quaternium–72 AS CO

Quaternium–73 AD

Quaternium–76 hydrolyzed collagen CO

Quaternium–79 hydrolyzed keratin LU PT

Quaternium–79 hydrolyzed silk LU PT

Quaternium–80 CO SI

Queen of the meadow extract BO

Quillaja extract (Quillaja saponaria. Mol.) SF FA

Quince seed extract BO



Raffinose laurate SF

Raffinose myristate SF

Raffinose oleate SF

Raffinose palmitate SF

Raffinose stearate SF

Rapeseed amidopropyl benzyldimonium chloride Quarternium–61 CO

Rapeseed amidopropyl epoxypropyl dimonium chloride CO

Rapeseed amidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate CO ES

Rapeseed oil, ethoxylated high erucic acid DS TK

Rapeseed oil EL

Rapeseed amido-propyl benzyldimonium chloride AS

Rapeseed amidopropyl epoxypropyl dimonium chloride AS

Rauwolfia extract BO

Rehmannia root extract MO

Resorcinol AD

Restharrow extract BO

Rhododenron extract BO

Rhubarb extract BO

Riboflavin tetraacetate VT

Ribonucleic acid PT

Rice bran extract BO

Rice bran oil EL MO VA

Rice bran wax ES PL

Rice germ oil HU

Rice peptide CO FF PT

Rice starch LU

Ricinoleamide DEA ES

Ricinoleamide MEA FA TK

Ricinoleamidopropyl betaine CO SF

Ricinoleamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate CO

Ricinoleamidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate CO

Ricinoleamidopropyl trimethyl ammonium ethosulfate CO

Ricinoleamidopropyl-dimonium ethosulfate CO

Ricinoleamidopropyl-trimonium chloride CO

Ricinoleamidopropyl trimethyl ammononium ethosulfate AD

Ricinoleic acid ES

Ricinoleyl alcohol DS

Rose extract (Rosa spp.) BO

Rose hips extract BO

Rose hips oil EL

Rose seed extract MO

Rosemary extract (Rosmarinus officinalis) BO

Royal jelly extract MO



Saccharide isomerate MO

Safflower extract BO

Safflower oil EL

Sage extract (Salvia officinalis L.) BO

Salmon egg extract EL

Sambucus extract BO

Sandalwood extract BO

Sanguinaria root extract BO

Sanguisorbae radix extract A

Saponaria extract (Saponaria officinalis L.) BO

Saponins ES

Saxifraga sarmentosa extract BO

Scabiosae extract BO

Scutellaria root extract BO

Sea bottom BO

Sea buckthorn oil VA

Sea Salts HU

Selenium aspartate MO

Selenium protein complex ES MO

Serum albumin MO PT

Sesame oil EL

Sesamide DEA FA TK

Shark liver oil EL

Shea butter EL

Shellac FF

Shikonin AP

Silica, colloidal AS

Silicone quaternium–3 CO

Silicone quaternium–4 CO

Silicone quaternium–5 ES

Silicone quaternium–6 ES

Silk amino acids CO MO

Silk powder PT

Sitostearyl acetate EL

Skin lipids EL

Sodium alpha olefin sulfonate SF

Sodium dehydroacetate PR

Sodium DNA MO

Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate DT

Sodium dodecyldiphenyl ether sulfonate DT WA

Sodium erythorbate AO

Sodium glyceryl oleate phosphate EL

Sodium hexametaphosphate CH

Sodium hyaluronate EL FF HU

Sodium hydrogenated tallow dimethyl glycinate CO

Sodium hydrogenated tallow glutamate SF

Sodium hydroxymethylglycinate PR

Sodium iodate DT

Sodium isodecyl sulfate SF

Sodium isostearoyl lactylate ESHU

Sodium lactate HU

Sodium laureth sulfate DT SF

Sodium laureth–1 sulfate DT FA

Sodium laureth–2 sulfate DT FA

Sodium laureth–3 sulfate DT FA

Sodium laureth–5 carboxylate SF

Sodium laureth–7 sulfate DT FA

Sodium laureth–11 carboxylate SF

Sodium laureth–12 sulfate DT

Sodium laureth–13 carboxylate DT SF

Sodium laureth–17 carboxylate ES

Sodium lauriminodipropionate DT FA

Sodium lauroamphoacetate SF

Sodium lauroamphopropionate DT

Sodium lauroyl collagen amino acids CO

Sodium lauroyl glutamate SF

Sodium lauroyl hydrolyzed collagen SF

Sodium lauroyl keratin amino acids CO

Sodium lauroyl lactylate ES HU

Sodium lauroyl methyl alaninate DT

Sodium lauroyl taurate SF

Sodium lauroyl wheat amino acids CO

Sodium lauryl phosphate DT

Sodium lauryl sulfate DT FA

Sodium lauryl sulfoacetate DT FA

Sodium lauryl sulfosuccinate FA

Sodium laurylether sulfosuccinate FA

Sodium lignosulfonate DS

Sodium magnesium laureth sulfate FA SF

Sodium magnesium silicate TK

Sodium methyl cocoyl taurate DT SF

Sodium methyl naphthalene sulfonate DT

Sodium methyl oleoyltaurate DT SF

Sodium methylparaben PR

Sodium myreth sulfate DT FA

Sodium myristoyl glutamate SF

Sodium myristoyl hydrolyzed collagen SF PT

Sodium miristyl sulfate DT FA SF

Sodium N,N-Bis(2-hydroxyethyl) glycinate CH

Sodium N-cocoyl methyltaurate DT

Sodium N-lauroyl methyltaurate DT

Sodium nonoxynol–6 phosphate ES GE SF

Sodium o-phenylphenate PR

Sodium octyl sulfate DT ES SF

Sodium oleate ES

Sodium olefin C14–16 sulfonate DT FA

Sodium oleoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

Sodium oleyl sulfate DT ES

Sodium pareth–25 sulfate DT FA

Sodium PCA HU

Sodium PEG–3 octyl phenol sulfonate FF SF

Sodium POE alkyl ether acetate DT

Sodium polyglutamate HU

Sodium polymethacrylate DS EL

Sodium polynaphthalene sulfonate DS SA

Sodium propylparaben PR

Sodium pyrithione AD PR

Sodium ricinoleate AD

Sodium salicylate AP PR

Sodium stearate TK

Sodium stearoamphoacetate CO

Sodium stearoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

Sodium stearoyl lactylate ES HU

Sodium tallowate GE

Sodium trideceth ether sulfate DT FA

Sodium trideceth–7 carboxylate DT

Sodium tridecyl sulfate DT FA

Sodium tripolyphosphate SF

Sodium undecylenoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

Sodium-N-cocoyl methyl taurate SF

Sodium-PG-propyldimethicone thiosulfate SI

Sodium-TEA lauroyl collagen amino acids CO

Sodium-TEA lauroyl keratin amino acids CO

Sodium / TEA-lauryl hydrolyzed keratin SF

Soluble collagen FF PT

Soluble keratin CO FF PT

Soluble wheat protein CO FF PT

Sophora japonica extract BO

Sorbeth–20 EL ES

Sorbic acid PR

Sorbitan caprylate AS

Sorbitan isostearate EL ES

Sorbitan laurate ESHUSB

Sorbitan oleate DS ES

Sorbitan palmitate EL ES

Sorbitan sesquiisostearate ES HU TK

Sorbitan sesquioleate EL ES

Sorbitan sesquistearate EL ES

Sorbitan stearate ES

Sorbitan trioleate EL ES

Sorbitan tristearate ES TK

Sorbitol HU

Soy ethyldimonium ethosulfate AS CO

Soy germ extract BO

Soy protein BO PT

Soy sterol BO

Soyaethyl morpholinium ethosulfate AS CO

Soyamide DEA CO TK

Soyamidopropyl benzyldimonium chloride CO

Soyamidopropyl betaine CO FA TK

Soyamidopropyl ethyldimonium ethosulfate CO

Soyamine ES

Soybean extract BO

Soybean oil EL

Soytrimonium chloride CO

Spearmint extract BO

Spearmint oil BO

Spermaceti EL WX

Spherical cellulose acetate MO

Sphingolipids EL HU

Spinach extract BO

Spiraea extract BO

Spiraea extract (Filipendula ulmaria L.) BO

Squalane EL MO

Squalene EL

Starch polyacrylonitrile copolymer-potassium salt TK

Starch polyacrylonitrile copolymer-sodium salt TK

Stearalkonium bentonite TK

Stearalkonium chloride AS

Stearalkonium hectorite SA TK

Stearamide OP TK

Stearamide DEA ES TK

Sucrose stearate ES

Sulfated castor oil SF WA

Sunflower seed extract BO

Sunflower seed oil EL VA

Super oxide dismutase ES MO

Super oxide dismutase liposome CR MO

Sweet almond oil EL

Sweet cherry extract BO

Sweet cicely extract BO

Sweet clover extract BO

Swertia extract BO

Synthetic beeswax ES GE TK

Synthetic candelilla WX

Synthetic carnauba WX

Synthetic wax EL



t-Butylhydroquinone AO

Talc PE

Tallow EL

Tallow glyceride, acetylated hydrogenated ES

Tallowamide MEA TK

Tallowamidopropyldim-ethylamine ES

Talloweth–6 ES

Talloweth–60 myristyl glycol TK

Tallowmide DEA ES

Tallowmide MEA FA

Tallowmidopropyldim-ethylamine CO

Tannic extract A

Tea extract AO

Tea tree oil BO

TEA-acrylates-acrylonitrogens copolymer ES FF GE TK

TEA-C12–15 alkyl sulfate SF

TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed collagen PT SF

TEA-cocoyl hydrolyzed soy protein SF

TEA-cocoylglutamate SF

TEA-dodecylbenzene-sulfonate DT FA

TEA-hydrogenated tallow glutamate SF

TEA-hydroiodide ST

TEA-laureth sulfate DT FA

TEA-lauroyl collagen amino acids FA PT

TEA-lauroyl glutamate SF

TEA-lauroyl keratin amino acids FA PT SF

TEA-lauroyl sarcosinate SF

TEA-lauryl sulfate DT FA SF

TEA-myristoyl hydrolyzed collagen SF

TEA-palm kernel sarcosinate DT FA


TEA-PEG–3 cocamide sulfate DT

TEA-salicylate SS

Tetradecycleicosyl stearate EL

Tetramethyl trihyroxy hexadecane CO

Tetrasodium dicarboxyethyl stearyl sulfosuccinate ES

Tetrasodium EDTA AO CH PR

Thimerosal AD

Thistle extract BO

Thyme extract (Thymus vulgaris) BO

Thymol DN

Tissue extract ES MO

Titanated micas PE

Titanium dioxide SS

Titanium dioxide coated mica PE

Tocopherol AO

Tocopheryl acetate AD EL

Tocopheryl acetate MO

Tocopheryl linoleate MO

Tocopheryl nicotinate AD ST

Tocopheryl succinate VT

Toluenesulfonamide epoxy resin PL FF

Tomato extract (Solanum lycopersicum L.) MO BO

Tormentil extract BO

Tragacanth gum SA TK

Tri-lauryl phosphate SF

Tri-PABA-panthenol SS

Tribehenin EL GE LU TK

Tributyl citrate PL

Tricaprin EL SB

Tricaprylin EL

Triceteareth–4 phosphate ES

Tricetylmonium chloride CO

Triclosan AD

Tricontanyl PVP DS FF

Tricedeth–3 ES

Tricedeth–5 ES

Tricedeth–6 ES

Tricedeth–7 ES

Tricedeth–7 carboxylic acid SF

Tricedeth–8 ES

Tricedeth–9 ES SF

Tricedeth–10 ES

Tricedeth–12 ES

Tricedeth–15 ES

Tridecyl behenate EL

Tridecyl cocoate EL

Tridecyl erucate EL

Tridecyl ethoxylate ES SF

Tridecyl neopentanoate EL

Tridecyl octanoate EL

Tridecyl salicylate CO

Tridecyl stearate EL

Tridecyl stearoyl stearate EL

Tridecyl trimelliate EL

Triethanolamine C10–14 sulfate SF

Triethonium hydrolyzed collagen ethosulfate CO

Triethyl citrate PL

Triheptanoate EL

Trihydroxystearin SA TK

Triisocetyl citrate EL WA

Triisostearin EL

Triisostearin PEG–6 esters DSOPWA

Triisostearyl citrate EL LU

Triisostearyl trilinoleate EL

Trilaureth–5 phosphate ES

Trilaurin EL SB

Trilinolein EL

Trimethylglycine MO

Trimethyl pentanediol dibenzoate PL

Trimethylglycine AD

Trimethylolpropane tricocoate EL

Trimethylolpropane trilaurate EL

Trimethylolpropane-tricaprylate-tricaprate EL

Trimethylsilyamodimethicone CO

Trimonium hydroxypropyl hydrolyzed collagen CO PT

Trimystin EL SB

Trioctanoate EL SB

Trioctanoin EL

Trioctyl citrate EL

Trioctyldodecyl citrate EL

Triolein EL ES LU

Tripalmitin EL SB

Tripotassium EDTA CH

Tripropylene glycol citrate EL

Tripropylene glycol methyl ether SO

Tris(hydroxymethyl)nitro methane PR

Trisodium EDTA CH PR

Trisodium HEDTA CH PR

Tristearin EL ES SB

Triundecanoin EL

Tromethamine BF

Tromethamine magnesium aluminium silicate SA TK

Tuberose extract BO



Undecylenamide DEA AD

Undecylenamidopropyl betaine DT

Undecylenamidopropyl-trimonium methosulfate AD

Undecylenic acid AD

Undecylenoyl collagen amino acids AD

Urocanic acid ST

Usnic acid PR



Valerian extract BO

Vegetable glyceride, fractioned EL ES SB

Violet extract BO



Walnut extract (Junglas regia L.) BO

Walnut oil EL

Walnut shell extract BO

Watercress extract (Nasturtium officinalis R. Br.) BO

Wheat bran lipids BO

Wheat germ extract BO

Wheat germ oil EL VA

Wheat germamide DEA FA TK

Wheat germamidopropalkonium chloride CO

Wheat germamidopropyl betaine FA SF TK

Wheat germamidopropyl dimethylamine lactate CO

Wheat germamidopropyl ethyl dimonium ethosulfate AS CO

Wheat peptide CO FF PT

White nettle extract (Lamium album L.) BO

White willow bark extract BO

Wild indigo BO

Wild pansy extract (Viola tricolor L.) BO

Willow bark extract AD BO

Willow leaf extract (Salix alba L.) BO

Witch hazel extract (Hamamelis virginia L.) A BO



Xanthan gum SA TK



Yarrow extract (Achilea millefolium L.) BO

Yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) EL ST

Yeast powder, deproteinated CO

Yogurt filtrate MO

Yucca extract BO FA



Zedoary oil BO ST

Zinc aspartate MO


Zinc laurate PE

Zinc oxide AD SS SS


Zinc phenosulfonate DO

Zinc pryithione AD

Zinc ricinoleate DO

Zinc stearate LU

Zinc undecylenate AD