Hair extensions are something that a lot of women consider at least once in their lifetime. Hair extensions are more popular than ever but there are many women out there that are not quite sure if hair extensions are for them. They have heard of horror stories with hair extensions; hair extensions falling out in public, hair extensions causing damage, or hair extensions costing thousands of dollars. Today we cover the pros and cons with hair extensions as well as give you insight into the hair extension world to help you determine if hair extensions are for you and what type you may like best. Many believe that if you already have long hair or a good amount of hair that you won’t need hair extensions and that is not the case. Hair extensions can add length or volume, but they can also add color dimension including highlights and ombre, and they are also used as a chemical free hair color option to transform hair without damaging your own hair (which is the most important part). In this feature we will answer all of your questions about hair extensions, the good and the bad. . In the hair extension world there are all types of hair extensions and it is important to be educated on the different types of hair extensions, the different methods available, and it is important to find something that suits your lifestyle. There are different grades of hair, many different extensions application methods, all which can drastically determine your experience with hair extensions. In order to have a great hair extension experience you must first get the best quality hair available. This will not be cheap.You will invest a few hundred pounds for quality hair, but it will last for a year so you do get a good return for high quality hair. You have great hair that doesn’t mat or shed, and you look fabulous. It’s worth it.

Lets start with the various types of hair quality available:

There is synthetic hair, non-remy, low quality remy, high quality remy, and virgin remy hair.

Synthetic hair:

Fake, cheap, lowest quality. Made with plastic fibers, manufactured to look like and feel human hair. It is made from low-grade acrylic made into individual hair fibers. This is not hair you want, its doll hair. Some companies now even say you can heat it etc. Think secret extensions, if a pack of hair cost less than £50, it is not human hair. Non-Remy Hair: Cheap human hair with cuticle not intact. This type of hair is hair swept off floors usually, mixed with animal hair, the cuticle is not in tact, and this hair mats after the first wash. This hair is low quality, that is cheap and will not last more than a few weeks.

Low Quality Remy:

Remy Human hair with the cuticle not intact. They appear soft, shiny, and nice because they are coated with silicone to last for 1-3 washes. They cost around £80-100 per pack, but they do not last. They seem like a nice investment, they are promised as “remy” but some manufactures like to make money and use this cheap “remy” hair for larger profits.

High Quality Remy:

Remy Human hair with cuticle intact. This is a great grade of hair. Having the hair intact is what keeps your hair extensions healthy and shiny after the ponytail has been collected. To have the best remy human hair you want to look for double drawn hair, meaning thicker ends. High quality remy is a little lover £100 per pack and lasts because it is pure with cuticles intact. This hair will last 5-8 months depending on care.

Virgin Remy Hair:

Highest quality human hair, cuticle intact, hand selected, processed with different technology to keep quality high. This hair is more expensive because it is uncommon and it takes more work to process this hair. It will last up to a year or more because it is hand selected and processed differently. It starts with virgin hair from healthy donors (never chemically treated in any way) and is hand selected and cut. It is then sorted, cleaned with natural gentle wash to prepare the hair. The hair is then put through a long color bath for several days to make sure the hair doesn’t undergo any harsh chemical process. This process alone sets apart virgin remy from basic remy because it is handled with care from collection to production.

There are never any harsh chemicals that comprise the quality of the hair. This hair will last over a year with proper care, but expect to invest. A lot of hair extension companies chose to use low quality remy to keep their profit margins high. The hair us usually single drawn and poses as high quality remy. Their remy hair goes through a harsh chemical process to present the hair as silky soft. So when buying hair extensions pay attention to the promise that is guaranteed. You want a great hair that will last and one that isn’t processed with silicones and harsh chemicals.

The first thing when considering hair extensions is to choose the right hair quality. No matter what type of hair extensions you have, if you do not get a high quality hair you can end up with problems that will cause a headache down the road. Problems such as shedding, tangling, and matting will make you never want to wear hair extensions again. However, if you can get a high quality hair, you will be starting off right. Read reviews, talk to friends, and find out the best quality hair for the type of extension type you would like to purchase.

Then you want to consider the hair extension application type:

There is clip-in, sew-in, tape-in, fusion, and micro bead extensions. All of these methods have very different pros and cons. Choose a hair extension method that will suit your lifestyle. Clip-Ins are temporary, and by temporary we mean a few short hours. This is for someone who just wants them for a one time special occasions. They are bulky and by the end of the night in the car you will be clipping them out-trust me! They are annoying but add length for special occasions. Sew-in is where a bread of your own hair is sown in rows towards the bottom and a hair weft is sew in. This method is a pain, the hair is dirty and cant get washed, it itches and its really bulky. You will have a hard time wearing hair up in a high pony tail. Then there is my favorite, tape-ins where you can wear for 2-3 months and they are reusable. Application takes 30 minutes, removal takes 15 minutes and there is no damage or fuss. Because they are thin tape wefts with strong adhesive, you barely feel them and you are able to wear hair up or down, swim with them and workout with them too! I know for working out is important. Then there is fusion and micro bead-these are individual tiny pieces of hair, this costs thousands, takes hours, but lasts for 6 months. Many like this method because they can wear the hair for months even though the hare does get stringy.

When considering extensions those two things are most important: choosing the best hair quality and the best hair extension method for you. Now with all of that out of the way lets get into the actual pros and cons of hair extensions:


Adds length and volume

You can add color without the use of chemicals

You can drastically enhance your look

You will have more hair to style and work with (weddings + events)

With the right method it will not damage your hair

You can have the full head of hair you always dreamed of Blends naturally and seamlessly with your hair own hair

No one will know you are wearing hair extensions with the right application


Costs a few hundred pounds up to a thousand to get the hair, installation, cut, and maintenance

You must take care of the hair-you cannot just throw your hair up and go More hair to style-you might as well book a weekly blowdry so you don’t have to 🙂

If you have never worn hair extensions it will take a few days to get used to! If new to hair extensions-your head can feel heavier for 1-3 days. This goes away.

Many chose hair extensions because they are safe, effective at making you look and feel better, and they are really fun. They are like makeup, a nice accessory that every woman wants to have to enhance her look. Choose the hair extension type based off of you lifestyle and needs. If you only want it for an event, get clips. If you workout a lot get tape. If you want the hair to stay in for 6 months at a time (umm too much stress of the hair, but thats not my business) then get micro or fusion. Either way, consult with your trusted hair stylist to find the best type of hair, method, and color for you. While we are on that point: hairstylists. Choose one that is experienced and trained. Not all of them are and then you hair will fall out etc! Be careful. All in all, hair extensions are a great investment in yourself. 9 times out of 10 you will have a great experience and love your new look.