If your hair is neither straight nor curly, but you want silky locks there are treatments that can help you.


1) Some procedures smooth hair by breaking down the bonds, but most are saturated in formaldehyde (noxious fumes and allergies). A new generation of treatment promise zero side effects, plus a mirror-like finish.

2) You can get similar results lasting around a week at home with a keratin smoothing treatment, It prevents humidity and it won’t damage bonds.

3) Switch shampoos to a sulphate free and steer clear of frizz-induced beach sprays.

4) Blow dry with a targeting nozzle, then using a straightening iron. But make sure you only go over each section of hair once.

5) Finish with a light, anti-frizz serum.


This isn’t about huge corporate-wife hair, just locks with tons of volume. There are ways and products to get this look even if your hair is fine, limp or sparse. TEXTURE TIPS

1) Start with a volume reducing treatment.

2) A thickening spray gives good grip and makes waves last.

3) Protect hair with heat protector and shine spray, then use a waving wand to create a soft, natural looking wave.

4) Tease the roots at the crown and spritz hairspray all over. Wait for it to dry, then brush it

5) Clip in extensions are good for creating length and volume and then a smaller one around the crown for a Bardot-like bounce.


Wave goodbye to straightening tight curls; the 70s style afro is making a comeback. Long afro Caribbean hair is rare, but soft ringlets are easy to achieve.


1) Coarseness is an issue so conditioner is key.

2) Pick up a wide – toothed comb or use your fingers to keep curls in check. Never brush hair when it’s dry.

3) Be careful using too many gels, which dry out locks.

4) Use a diffuser to maintain your curls shape. Put a large section of hair into the diffuser, blast, switch off and start again on a different section.

5) Finish off with a touch of serum which creates a weightless shine. And have patience – grow your hair past shoulder length and it’ll fall down, not out.


Girls don’t want hair that looks too “done”. It’s not about being scruffy- more like a deconstructed blow-dry that’s not polished. You’re aiming for mat texture, minus frizz but plenty of movement, so choose your product wisely.

Texture tips

1 This look is better on day 2 hair, but use a deep conditioning oil when you wash it.

2 Apply a smoothing serum then blast away frizz with a hairdryer. Move from side to side and tip your head upside down

3 Divide into a centre parting, then take 2 bunches of hair and tie in a big knot or an irregular braid to create more movement.

4 Unravel hair and then blast through dry shampoo to take the high gloss shine off.

5 For more separation, work a defining wax through the bottom lengths.


Find freedom from the tyranny of frizz. Make straight hair look sleeker than ever. This style isn’t new, but chances are you still covet poker straight hair and nothing screams youth like a curtain of gloss.
Texture tips

1 Hair has to look super healthy with no flaws, so a good cut and no split ends are absolutely essential.

2 Use coconut oil to restore shine. Argan oil also strengthens and enhances elasticity. Leaving hair deeply nourished.

3 Straighten hair for a smooth starting point. Use flat irons when hair is 100 percent dry, or the heat will fry it.

4 If you iron every day, protect your hair from extreme heat with spray which helps prevent heat damage.

5 Lightly straighten top layers of hair. Finish with hairspray.



1 Squirt a golf ball sized amount into you palm, loosely scrunch it into your hair, but not so it all dissolves.

2 Always make sure you get an even all over application. This will make styling easier, as the hair is evenly prepped.

3 Focus on roots and mid lengths. Mouse really grips the hair and creates volume, so avoid dry areas (usually the ends).

4 A pro tip for even application is to dip your comb into mouse before running through your hair. How to Beginners braid guide.


1 Separate your hair into 3 even sections

2 Take the outer left section and cross it over the top of the middle section, so it becomes the new middle section.

3 Now cross the outer right section over the new middle section, so it’s now in the centre.

4 Take the outer left section again and cross it over the middle section so it becomes the new middle section.

5 Then take the outer right section again and cross it over the middle section.

6 Repeat the process for the length of your hair and secure at the bottom with an elastic.


1 Starting at the crown, divide your hair into 3 sections.
2 Take the outer left section and cross it over the top of the middle section, so it becomes the new middle section.

3 Cross the outer right section over the middle section.

4 Now take the outer left section, gathering a bit more hair from that side to join it, and cross it over the middle.

5 Take the outer left section, gathering more hair from that side to join it, and then cross it over the middle.

6 Repeat this process for the lengths of your hair and secure at the bottom with an elastic.

Fish tail

1 Divide your hair down the middle into two large sections.
2 Pull a small section of hair from both the outer left and right sides

3 Cross the small section on the outer right over the right section to meet the inside of the left section.

4 Cross the small section on the outer left over the left section to meet the inside of the right section

5 taking another small section of hair from the outer right, cross it over to meet the inside of the left section

6 repeat this process, always taking a small section from the outer side to meet the other side in the middle.

The sporting plat

What could be simpler than your hairs natural texture? Pulling it into a messed up high ponytail (it’s as practical as it looks), and adding an edge in the form of a braided strand within the pony. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3, (strands of hair, interwoven, then secured at the base with a simple elastic, and one at the end within the ponytail).

The perfectly imperfect plait

Get the look

1 Part the hair and pull it together at the nape of the neck. Pull it around to one side and plait.

2 To keep the look ultra casual, don’t use elastic to secure it, just backcomb that bit of hair. This isn’t a long lasting solution. It won’t last all night so use a nude snag free band for a bit more security.

3 Give your hair on the crown a massage with your fingertips to encourage a bit of height and the appropriate level of dishevelment.